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Indy - on 16 Sep 2011
Was having a look on the web for a new jacket and as usual its thrown up a 'foreign' brand that pretty much meets all my requirement.

The jacket is a WESTCOMB Cruiser LT Hoody.

I've not heard of the company before so want to ask does anyone have any experience of this companies products in general and more specifically the jacket listed above?

Anyone know if there is a UK dealer for this company as I can't see anything. I wouldn't order it from abroad.
CarolineMc - on 16 Sep 2011
In reply to Indy: Never owned one but they're a Canadian Snowboard brand. I'm pretty sure I've seen them in the UK too - might be worth looking at some independent snowsport shops to see if you can get it in the uk. C-:
Indy - on 16 Sep 2011
In reply to CarolineMc:

I've found a UK importer but it seems to have gone dead after 2009. I've mailed them so see what they have to say.

Obviously the jacket seems to be perfect but not going to chew my ass off trying to get one.
dasc - on 16 Sep 2011
DavyWA on 16 Sep 2011 - 02d87c84.bb.sky.com
In reply to Indy: I've only recently found the brand myself but all the digging I have done proves it to be good stuff.

Spoke to one of the guys at a shop called Outside, who used to stock it, and he had a lot of good things to say about Westcombs gear. It seems no one is stocking it this year as it is quite an expensive product due to the weak Canadian dollar and the fact they solely manufacture their gear in Vancouver, Canada.

There is an agent I came across who you might be able to order from -


But if your like me I won't order anything until I've laid my hands on it. I'm looking forward to seeing their gear in real life.

Let me know how you get on and how it is if you decide to get it...

Cheers, Davy
eschaton - on 16 Sep 2011
In reply to Indy: I have a westcomb recon IS hoody.

Im really happy with that jacket overall, very good build quality etc, but a couple of little details that seem silly like...
Its an heavily insulated jacket, with the hood drawcords tucked away so you have to unzip down to mid chest height to adjust, they are also quite small and fiddly especially with gloves on.

and the lower pockets have all the insulation behind them, so they arent actually very warm.

Bomber belay jacket though.
Scholes on 17 Sep 2011 - xplr-ts-t11-208-114-164-71.barrettxplore.com
I've been using a Specter LT Hoody for 2 seasons now. It's like a Rab Latok Alpine but lighter.

I do live in Canada so I've got easier access but they make quality kit. Company is small and all made in Canada.

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