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ClimbinJ on 22 Feb 2012 - host86-149-146-25.range86-149.btcentralplus.com
I'm hoping to spend a month in Karimabad in April time on a little bit of a holiday. I like karimabad because the food is good, the internet is fast and tis not crowded. I don't want to do any long mountain routes and will probably spend most of the day running and chilling out.

Does anyone know of any rock routes or even sport routes in the area? Has there been a guidebook produced anywhere for the region with any suggestions?

peas65 - on 22 Feb 2012
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Not sure if this is a real post but..

We tried to find some climbing above Karimabad in ultra meadows. There is some bouldering but other than that it was either very very hard or bad rock quality. I think we only climbed 1 route in 3 days of hunting. The bouldering though was quite good.

Further up the valley near Passu there is some routes established though i don't know exactly where or what grade. I think the rock quality there was pretty awful too.
FreeloaderJoe - on 23 Feb 2012
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ice.solo - on 23 Feb 2012
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passu and gilgit is closest i know of.

most of whats around karimabad is sort of compressed gravel and mud.

one totally insane idea might be to get a boat to take you to some of the once high exposed rock along the new lake.
i crossed it a year or so ago and theres was awesome looking stuff right at water level.

high karakorum deep water soloing!?
wish i could join you for that!

not sure when you were in hunza last, but its pretty empty these days. a great time to go actually, but a little sad if you recall its happier days.

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