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chris wyatt - on 24 Feb 2012
Many UKCers have been following the thread regarding the Arson Attack in cornwall


If you would like to make a donation to help Sam Farmer get back on his feer you can do so now. Please go to this URL : http://www.thebeaconofhope.co.uk/

Cheers Chris
David Hooper - on 25 Feb 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: I could organise a fundraising charity abseil for Sam maybe?

Just checked the site and £445 raised since it went live - thats heartwarming news.
chris wyatt - on 27 Feb 2012
In reply to David Hooper: Thanks Dave - why not?
ChrisHolloway1 - on 28 Feb 2012
In reply to David Hooper: Donation made, good luck to Sam, if a charity abseil does go ahead I'd be happy to be another SPA volunteer to help
pocketrocket - on 29 Feb 2012
In reply to David Hooper:
Hi Dave, that's a great idea, you can count me in
In reply to pocketrocket:

Donation made.
If we can be of any further assistance please let me know.
Good luck.

Dave D.
marmot hunter on 05 Mar 2012 - cpc1-newt24-0-0-cust878.newt.cable.virginmedia.com
In reply to D Douglas: Stockport/Liverpool:
Now over a grand, can UKC get it to £2K?
In reply to chris wyatt: donated. Now stands at £1200
SurfingRock - on 16 Mar 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: Donated!! If there is anything that I can do to help then please let me know. I am based in Cornwall if there is anything that I can do to help!!
jonnie3430 - on 17 Mar 2012
In reply to andyhodges:
> (In reply to D Douglas) Stockport/Liverpool:
> Now over a grand, can UKC get it to £2K?

The Hope Project - on 17 Mar 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: exellant effort gals an guys we are bowled over come and enjoy your recreation space asap x
The Ivanator - on 18 Mar 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: Just donated, current Total is £2347
The Hope Project - on 19 Mar 2012
In reply to The Ivanator: ivan thanks you all will be contacted personaly inviting you to be a member of the hope project(donors club) and be asked to consider the facilitys we have as yours thanks today i got up and felt employed again fab x
kristofferalpsjo - on 20 Mar 2012
In reply to chris wyatt:
Donated! From Sweden with LOVE!
The Hope Project - on 20 Mar 2012
In reply to kristofferalpsjo: my brother its fantastic that you sent help from so far its a thing that makes you see the real humanity that there is in people to invest in a stranger in another town the outside world needs to witness this in some way .please come enjoy your donors club paid for land atop st agnes beacon hill anytime in any way and come and let me see your eyes peace sam x
dave_forti - on 21 Mar 2012
Donation made Sam. Much love from an L8 resident! Will get people I know in Liverpool to donate. Show these "people" that you will not be beaten!
The Hope Project - on 22 Mar 2012
In reply to dave_forti: exellant brother my ghome town that makes me feel very happy to here that you are the first person from L 8 please come and have a holiday bring the family brother keep in touch i think its imoportant that the kids see loonys like me doing somthing away from carter st it hopfuly will inspire speak soon brother stay posative x sam
The Hope Project - on 22 Mar 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: exellant news becouse of your help UKC have made jonny dawes from the massive before its time vid stone monkey to decide to interact as a master class climbing programm at the beacon of hope eco heritage trust aka the hope project thanks guys please come and meet him in the summer x sam thanks jonny im reading the book now !!!!
ChrisHolloway1 - on 22 Mar 2012
In reply to The Hope Project: Excellent news, nice one Johnny
thin bob on 23 Mar 2012
The Hope Project - on 24 Mar 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: today im atempting to list the new donors and personaly say thanks and welcom so if thats you thankd for your patience i will be in contact over the weekend life has been so peaks and troughs latley ps at a peak now summercamp will be fab having firside stirys with mr dawes , and mr hoopper ps any one know chris bonnington ? a joke ha x sam
The Hope Project - on 29 Mar 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: CIC papers went in today to ordered accounts ,thanks to you chaps ,exellant wild country are making real nice posative noises thanks thin bob and gals an fellas mabe do a article about it if all is ok with that.
Eiran the architect will be making a apearence this week with hopfully a link to the plans for the new building WOW sombody pinch me .
and i opend my buisnes account today and the guy ramzi offerd to come take the kids out doing a bootcamp can life get sweeter than today HMMM speak soon chaps enjoy the fine weather or come stay by the fire with us we are atempting a small clear up be there all weekend sam x
The Hope Project - on 04 Apr 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: great news today paul from innfluence called to say that he is bringing the aplication forward to a month from now instead of two months , he said becouse of the unmitigated and unique support from ukc members wow you have made it faster just by being interested . im going to print out the threads to go to the meeting with please take this last chance to send written suport and make clear the intention to utilise this service to these threads thanks sam fingers crossed xxxxx
The Hope Project - on 11 Apr 2012
In reply to The Hope Project: exellant news guys im from a hour ago a registerd CIC,( comunity interest company) number 08024863 The Beacon of Hope Eco Heritage Trust and i owe it all to you guys FANTASTIC thanks more than words now to get accepted from 1% percent thanks UKC we owe you more than words can say speak soon sam x
thin bob on 12 Apr 2012
In reply to The Hope Project:
Now THAT is COOL! brother Sam! CIC company dude...rock it!
The Hope Project - on 13 Apr 2012
In reply to thin bobpolice harrasment started last night fifteen minutes after the racists came to the next field to us giving os a good looking at the officers number is 1337 truro police he harrased jonny dawes this time
The Hope Project - on 13 Apr 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: this is aour second day back trying to clear up
The Hope Project - on 17 Apr 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: guys a fantastic day after a wierd weekend yes the JD incident wasnt the best way to enjoy easter but anyway my good news has finaly been made certain Mark Bridgman Smith from Wild Country has just landed some amazing news .
Wild country are sponsoring our climbing section with a total restock of kids climbing equipment yes you heard right WILD COUNTRY ARE SORTING US OUT all becouse of you girls an guys thanks so mutch UKC we cant thank you enough and thanks mark my new brother and wild country you have saved the day for the hope project.
We are overjoyed please send them some love to show them you are out there exellant news hairs up the back sort of moment here fantastic roll on the summer x sam
Rob Thornton - on 17 Apr 2012
That is tremendous news! Many thanks to WILD COUNTRY,a company well known for its generosity and altruism in the best interests of climbers worldwide!
The Hope Project - on 20 Apr 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: been wel busy guys sorry i havent been around hey breaking news Kowatha a minority group from penzance are joining us at the hope project ,of cours W C news is still massiv and stuf is on the road now from Llannberriss big up , mark ,richie etc ,
also annapurna are atempting to help us through 1% if i get joined fast enough big up mr fox for this massive help he realy has put himself out to wait for me ,
Roger dean the man who inspired the floating islands that avatar and gorialz ROBBED but most of all did the YES album covers and started a genre of rock art called me to say he is over the moon at your interaction and has totaly thrown his hat into the ring i will atempt to get him to come say hello,
i havent forgot the donors club list (why cant i get the email adreses ) ive got it but dont want to dilute this fantastic glow of info so keep listenin see me on FB also but for now big up allan j speak soon ps im at the proj this weekend with our new diving instructor AJ so call in if you can handle being hugged xxx sam oh ye starting toilets next week and havent forgot the totaly exellant ladies group who are thinking nice thoughts for us scared to say who yet so speak soon sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Hope Project - on 26 Apr 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: a good and bad day bad is psco mike ginnely just walked behind me at 855 am outside bosvigo stores truro after puting hope in school he tried to put his arm around me and said i can go to your land anytime and look at you as im just looking at the view , he was refering to a time he came and stared at kernow marine network and us in a meeting thruogh binoculors over our fence , i told him he was the very racist heart of truro police he spat on the floor and glared and walked of , wierd are they ever going to stop im going to complain to inspector mark richards at truro police tel 01872326028,
good news is the wood for the shower and toilet block arives fri the wild country stuf is defo onj the way and we are in strong talks with marmot for the use of their seconds ,i was refused by 1% but can reaply so he ho but end on a up juluie smith from unity boys is coming for a reki befor they pay me half of the fees for unity so a mixed bag of a day guys speak soon sam x
The Hope Project - on 27 Apr 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: great news day guys the wood for the showers and toilets arrived today fantastic all paid for by your generosity it definatly is peaks and troughs right now but on a peak now guys toilets and showers will be on in two weeks exellant thanks guys from the kids thanks loads this takes a weight of my mind xsam
The Hope Project - on 02 May 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: guys a fabtasticl news day marmot have sent some stuf and much love some tents some coats exellant i loved them already but now honestly im feeling a very warm glow for humanity today and its not becoues ive still got my wetsuit on , and here is the big big news Annapurna hr the totaly unique recruitment agency have bent over backwards and then twisted themselves into a figure of 8 , to pull a cyber rabbit out of the bag nigel fox our main man called to say they are giving us a very substantial amount of finantial help WOW and this is with !% not alowing me in yet Annapurna you are the most ethicle hr company yet and deserve a award is there one ? curry filled bob get in touch let me tell you the news , everyone please spread the word the tripple bottom line is what buisneses should adhere to in the future just like Annapurna
The Hope Project - on 10 May 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: this is defo not a advert this is me today nigel fox a main dude at Annapurna HR sent us the largest donation of love that we could have hoped for over 2 and a half k!!!
im teling you all this becouse im gobsmacked he didnt want a fanfare but ive gone against his wishes becouse to us this is massive ,
it means everything no more biting nails i promise this is not a advert i owe it to you guys at UKC to bring this good news home you started it , thanks Annapurna HR nigel fox please everyone send them my weeks quota of love this is a amazing thing to do for a stranger an a load of colorful kids they truly are ethical thanks ANNAPURNA HR
The Hope Project - on 08 Jun 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: excellant week at the project with the totaly fantastic thin bob aka,curry filled bob , new aka diesel, we made a great new nest , new dug in showers , a hoopers dabating corner , and dug the foundations of the best willow trench toilets in the world , thanks all you guys it was very emotional for all of us . we also met unity boys rep ricky jones and julie smith who confirmed that it is good enough for the kids to come in august , also met helen prenderast from bryn tyril to arrange some very positive work together at the hill.see the results on facebook as im to crap on the computer to be able to send the pics the beacon of hope eco heritage trust ,fantastic pass on the glow to you for doing this speak soon sam x ps come stay
The Hope Project - on 23 Jun 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: fantastic weekend three fantastic guys from ukc came down to make , make, make, we dug the toilets and put in posts,and made a butterfly corner called this becous its in the middle of nettles which the buterflys live on , its buried four feet down and looks amazing thanks steve
ben, and dan hope you liked the fish and the rain true cornwall steve is putting pics up as he has the knowledg if you cant wait look on the dreaded FB
my bones are aching now i never got over the visit by diesel,aka curry filled bob ,aka thin bobs mission which was a totaly outstanding time wich saw him jamie and dave our new tearaway workers make d hoopers debating area it was and is fantastic work diesel, ps finaly got eiran hasset our architect to come and sday hello watch this space mabe get him to let us see the plans on here first speak soon peeps x
The Hope Project - on 13 Aug 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: guys an amazing .amazing ,amazing time was had with the kids it went more than well it was holy we loved it pics on fb if you want to see em . thanks guys you dont realy know what you have done it was beyond brilliant , humbling , uplifting scary hard wet and totaly massive i hyad kids changing their ticks like chewing on their sleeves and instead asking can they just stand with me im hooked it was more than a job massive ,massive , masive Annapurna wow , wild country you rock , marmot steph you are totaly ethicle and last but not least UKC you gave birth to a big scouse baby we love ya please feel the glow i want to go on an on but i cant say it better than YYYYYEEEESSSSSSS we flipin did it now lets do it again massive massive thanks sam x
The Hope Project - on 30 Aug 2012
In reply to chris wyatt:
breaking news the fabtastic rob from mammut just called to say they are also sponsoring us wow MAMMUT !! you heard it right they are now on our A team also witch is total light on this dark day ,fab stuff plus new ropes some of their fab bags and larger helmets an smaller harneses ps wild countrys 360s saved the day tho but now we can take larger kids out rob at mammut today you did a massiveley brilliant thing ,
yet another step into the darkness is helped by you searching us out to help us ,what can i say, im pooing myself taking these steps and guys like you are coming to my rescue time an time again it realy is film worthy danny boyle call back !!UKC what have you started massive glow passed back to all who trusted me as i paused to flap MAMMUT !rob welcome to the a team please feel the glow you are helping us so mutch to tell you would not quite do it justice sam xxxxxxxxxxxx
The Hope Project - on 10 Sep 2012
In reply to The Hope Project:
just got of the phone to Paul Batman from Influence planning all is very well!! the architect from TBS eirean have got to put a revised building plan together in a week or so(less glass) then good things willing we will be puting final plans in for the final build.
i didnt realize how many hoops i had to get through as they say if i had known i would have flapped more this goes to show how you should hire the best in these situations as we did .
due to the nature of planning im not able yet to tell you everything yet but i can tel you im keeping the faith we are still and always making a therapeutic outdoor recreation space that will help skint kids and young adults that utilises mainly climbing and other outdoor practices like horsyculture (strange word )art, music , and agriculture you will understand in the end .so worry not guys im still here still marching forward on this mission to equalise recreation and locations .
ps our hill st agnes beacon has just recived E R I H STATUS european route of industrial heritage ,this on top of a world heritage status and its four national marks (eg AONB ,ETC )makes it even more important that we do this right for the enviroment and the kids so please bear with me thanks for being so patient for news speak soon sam x ps CNN news put our hill on as one of the places they call a must visit site nice and nationaly our hill got the title as a must visit location before you are twelve fab stuf see you guys soon x
The Hope Project - on 14 Sep 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: guys what a fabtastic day see my fbook wall to see it all but the fabest bit is rob sawle from MAMMUT yes them with the strong as four kings hell kit has just sent the hope project a massive box of stuff five new ropes yes new ,five fabtastic kids helmets sky walker two cant wait to try them out they look comfy as forks at dinner time .plus some slinky softt slings and five well meety crabs i think they are made for king kong they look so strong cant wait t try em thanks MAMMUT you did a fab thing today feel the glow back please i will send you pics of this brilliant kit in operation oy this is real this aint no advert (i hate adverts )but i love MAMMUT thanks from the kids sam xoops forgot full stops ....there they are x
The Hope Project - on 19 Sep 2012
In reply to chris wyatt: hi guys hope you are well just a snap shot of how its going .The kids mission was a total blast(it got the land healed ) we are now talking to redruth youth club to see if the kids there want to come and climb with us ,and are attempting to get BIG CHANGE CHARITABLE TRUST to back us could do with help there defo !!! I ASKED THEY SAID NOT YET !!
the architect has finished the second drawing and it seems we are finaly ready to planning submission just waiting for innfluence planning to ok the buisnes plan i submitted then its planning submission time .
we just got some help from MAMMUT fab fingers crossed rob .
the fab Annapurna hr helped me attain a golden giving account so pay pal stop taking 20 percent off phew and gift aid is now added phew !!
im meeting some ladys from the fab pinnacle club this weekend and guiding them on the cliffs to chapel porths caves I love this club I need a burka so i can join !!
so mostly now im trying to get a bigger org to menter us BIG CHANGE CHARITABLE TRUST let us in .ok i will return with news soon sam x ps one of the articles reached a parliment blog on fb wow that was impressive !11
The Hope Project - on 04 Oct 2012
In reply to The Hope Project: great news the totaly fab rob sykes from MAMMUT sent us some brand new harneses to join the equaly fab stuf from wild country
wow MAMMUT you keep amazing us these harneses are total fab no messing already took four lil kids out with them they loved them MAMMUT thanks you are changing the world with little steps .Rob sykes if ever you need a holiday, cup of coffe ,new job, gang of friends please come and call on us .MAMMUT ROCKS THE HOPE PROJECT !!!!!!
The Hope Project - on 18 Dec 2012
In reply to The Hope Project: a good day for them project steph jones from MARMOT sent us some good seconds to use thanks MARMOT !! we realy apreciate it (warmth again wow )thanks steph for remembering us and happy crimbybo all UKC users from the hope project x
The Hope Project - on 14 Mar 2013
In reply to The Hope Project: the hope projects new website adress is www.the-hope-project.co.uk im stil here stil fighting and minoritys are stil coming this summer sorry to be missing lately but ive had a paper mountain to climb speak soon guys ! sam
The Hope Project - on 09 May 2013
In reply to The Hope Project: guys im stil here stil fighting the couse i will be back soon with very big news along the lines of help arriving for this summers programms from the black police federation at devon and cornwall police .i cannot belive im saying this but ive been contacted by the sweet pc sarah bevan to say it wel may happen keep tuned speak soon sam ps rohan also have oferd help and the plans are now with the council its looking good dare i say it .

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