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Danielg - on 03 Apr 2012
Just wanted to know if you have found these useful, and if so what clubs can you recomend for manchester?


Will_he_fall - on 03 Apr 2012
Hi Dan,

I've recently joined the Rucksack club, who are based in and around Manchester. People have been very friendly and welcoming and the clubs a great way to meet people to climb with, and the social side is good too. Good list of well attended meets- in the last year including summer and winter Alpine meets, Spanish sun rock, Gogarth, Scottish winter and much more. There's also meets every Wednesday evening- Manchester walls in winter and local crags in summer.

Members also get a key to the three huts owned by the club- in the Llanberis pass, South lakes, and between Glen Coe and Fort William.

If this sounds interesting then take a look at http://www.rucksackclub.org/
or give me a shout through here.


Missile - on 03 Apr 2012
In reply to Danielg: You could try the Karabiner Mountaineering Club (www.karabiner.org). They have regular weekend and mid-week meets and go to the climbing walls in winter.

They meet in the Briton's Protection once a month if you want to meet some of them before going on a meet.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.