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thebigdon on 23 May 2012 - host81-159-180-34.range81-159.btcentralplus.com
Anyone ever got a family portrait done and how much were you charged?
chris fox on 23 May 2012
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Google pulled up this as the first link

What Goes Up on 23 May 2012 -
In reply to thebigdon: As you'd expect prices can vary hugely. I do weddings, but am looking into expanding into portraits as well so I've been doing a fair bit of market research on prices recently. I guess a typical package would be around £50-75 for the shoot, usually 30 mins to 1 hour, and which could include a smal (i.e. 7x5 or 8x10) print of your choice. It's usually about the upsales afterwards though, so the main thing to check out is the cost of purchasing the other images afterwards and that's where things can really start to differ. For a decent-sized, good quality framed print for a wall you could be looking at a good few hundred quid per photo. Many also offer the option of buying the digital files so you can print them yourself, perhaps at around £10-20 per image upwards (could be a lot more) depending on who the tog is.

So basically look at all the prices before you decide, not just the price of the shoot which is there to get you through the door. Also, don't be put off by high costs for the purchase of images as good ones can be very expnsive for the photographer to buy or produce in the first place even at trade prices. A good photographer will use a high end print company, but look out for those who are charging a premium price for a realy low quality product.
Onion - on 23 May 2012
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If you're looking to get some done, rather than working out how much you could make, try and keep an eye on sites like groupon. Our local one seems to have a studio session come up once or twice a month for heavily discounted rates...

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