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Alan M - on 13 Aug 2012
Anyone know of any campsites in the Lake District which allow wood burners in tents?

I am planning a 10-14 day camping trip in December for my birthday and hope to take the Bell tent and wood burner. Last time I went winter camping in this country it was using a Terra Nova Voyager for 10 days, it was rank.. cold and damp, long nights in a small tent and after a day in the hills no real way of keeping clothes dry or drying them out.

This time I'm forming a plan, 12ft Bell tent and tent specific wood burner!

So anyone know of any sites?

Mal Grey - on 13 Aug 2012
In reply to Alan M:
I have used a firebox on various Lakes sites, including NT ones, so wouldn't have thought a woodstove inside was viewed any differently.

I know for sure of several people using Frontier stoves in tents at Waterside Farm on Ullswater, though this was an organised event.

Here's a list of sites allowing fires, no idea of its accuracy. Scroll down to North West region, its in a funny order.
And obviously, its possible they'll see woodburners inside tents as more of a risk than fires outside, but I doubt it.
Zac - on 13 Aug 2012
In reply to Alan M:
I second waterside, have seen stoves/wood burners on there more than once, and a very nice site.

Max factor - on 13 Aug 2012
In reply to Zac:

the NT one near black crag in Borrowdale has yurts for hire with buners IIRC. Give them a call, they shouldn't have a probelm with your set up.
butteredfrog - on 13 Aug 2012
In reply to Max factor:

Hollows farm at Grange (Borrowdale)?

Lovely spot, shouldn't be a problem.
Route Adjuster on 14 Aug 2012
In reply to Max factor:

The Yurts are not owned by the campsite but can be booked out (they have some further up the valley too) - usually free outside of school holidays. Google for inside out camping for more details.
Alan M - on 14 Aug 2012
In reply to all:

Thanks for the replies and suggestions, its good to know that there are a few campsites that may permit the use of the woodburner.

I will update on my findings when I start phoning around. Bell tents and stoves seem to be popular these days so I would guess other people may start looking for similar information in the future.

For anyone who hasn't tried a bell tent and stove combo in winter....you are seriously missing out

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