/ help arriving for the hope project from mammut

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The Hope Project - on 14 Sep 2012
guys if you know me let me thank mammut here for just sending me some new ropes, helmets, slings and the fabest screw gate crabs ive seen thanks rob you are a angel welcome to the A team we at the hope project realy realy apriciate your act of kindnes sending the kids this quality gear thanks loads MAMMUT you are totaly a ethical company pleasde send them some love people ta speak soon sam, x
Ridge - on 14 Sep 2012
In reply to The Hope Project:
That's good to hear Sam. Could you give us an update of how things are going at the project?
The Hope Project - on 04 Oct 2012
In reply to Ridge: WOW GUYS MAMMUT sent us five brand new harneses rob sykes you are a angel of mercy thanks from the lil stepers MAMMUT you rock ,ps hey a update i made a more complete one on the article but just incase you couldnt find it in short we are waiting for the planners to do their thing ,they are finalising the designes for the building with TBS architects ,earion .
The planners influence planning ,are the very best in cornwall so i dont want to annoy them but you are all free to call paul bateman himself to ask as to the proccedings prob in a month it wil go through im told all is well in that front .
i'm in talks with redruth youth club and bosvigo school to see if they want to use the space for their kids also the blackie liverpool and im crossing my nuts (an bolts ) that the totaly lovely pinnacle club will come and join with us in our struggle to equalise recreations .
i have just been with diana and leah the secretary and club mascot (see FBOOK WALL)who say they are very confident of a posative interaction . there is more oh yes the best hr company in england ANNAPURNA HR have helped me get on the books at golden giving ,now the government has to top up all donations to about 25 percent extra wow fab stuff and on a personal note working tax credits stopped being anuses and restarted my fifty quid a week payments so it feels good right now there are small negy buts but i cant concentrate on them now becouse im so happy thanks all you guys you are now too many to note but the fact that most of you are white tells me the world is a beutiful place and even i can become jaded somtimes (im not now tho) thanks for asking thanks for reading peace and john lennon style love to you all speak soon sam oh yes hosutu websites peter is remaking our page so worry not we arnt going away thanks peter thanks all sam xxxxxxxx

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.