/ Vans aren't just for Christmas they're for life.

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niallG on 01 Oct 2012
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If you havn't yet become a big softie like I have, check out my old office- it wants a new home with some one who likes motorised sofas. It wants to go see the world again one last time. Go on take it to Morocco and get it a tassle dash board. Drop swiss cheese down the heater unit. Milk a spanish goat in it. Forget last years pembroke kippers in the Gbox. You know you want to.

Winterreifen all round and front chains. Lots of locks n stuff to keep your sad tomatoes safe. You will have to fit your own mattress cause mines got a new home. Oh and bring your own friends- these ones are mine.

Seriously this is the sick undead of the van world what more can I say. Write "free candy" on the side and go ski or climb or jump off what ever it is you jump off.

It wants you;


Morgan Woods - on 02 Oct 2012
In reply to niallG:

"Free candy"....does that even work?

no, serious question :p
niallG on 02 Oct 2012
In reply to Morgan Woods:

Yep it makes you avalanche proof up to a 3- but I think that only works in North America. I may mean something different over here.... was I culturally insensitive. Again.

Rocket Ronnie - on 03 Oct 2012
In reply to niallG:
Hi Nail, where are you based? is the van still for-sale? is the engine sound?
niallG on 04 Oct 2012
In reply to Rocket Ronnie:

Hi Ronye,

I've put it on e-bay- just as a classified add so its not an auction. The link on the original post will take you to the page. You can see all the photos- price- location- condition- etc there. Feel free to contact me from there. I have a few people booked in to see it this Saturday.

Nail (Niall).
Scarab9 - on 05 Oct 2012
In reply to niallG:

best for sale ever!

I don't even drive and I'm nearly reaching for the credit card with a pitch like that!
gjd on 05 Oct 2012
In reply to Scarab9: Me too!
wilkie14c - on 07 Oct 2012
In reply to niallG:
Have you been eating mushrooms that you didn't buy at tesco? :-D

Great ad, good luck
niallG on 07 Oct 2012
In reply to blanchie14c:

Thank you for luck wish- and it has come true. You SHALL go to Morrocco young van. Its Europe bound in new hands very soon. No longer for sale.

Thanks to the supporting cast -especially all the watchers - you really creeped me out- lush. Oh and thank you to Ronye for making me laugh a lot too.

dandansky7 - on 13 Oct 2012
In reply to niallG: YES MATE
best advert for a van ever, can i copy it for if i ever get rid of my crinkly old toyota??
Johann - on 13 Oct 2012
In reply to niallG:

say it ain't so. you are turning to the dark side. static sofa living seems wrong for you.
niallG on 15 Oct 2012
In reply to Johann:

Nah- just got a new hearse with bigger wings- you know me- there's always van.

HEY- BTW I saw the video- awesome. You know - I put your phenomenalness down to that day on Hen when I told you to stop falling off stuff.

SO.. are you a gringo yet? Lush move- & great to hear from you.

Johann - on 17 Oct 2012
In reply to niallG:

getting there. heading out to chorro again in a couple of weeks. going to be guiding out there so should stay for even longer than usual.

you can follow my escapades on http://urbanomountaineering.blogspot.co.uk/

I've become one of them that thinks their musings are worth sticking online.

i use your wise advice with all my clients and charge them for it. think i may owe you a kickback.

you coming out to play in spainland?

niallG on 20 Oct 2012
In reply to Johann:

Oh Spainland sounds bloody good right now...I could do with picking asgaragus and knitting. Will drop you a line to see when your heading.

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