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AdCo82 on 28 Oct 2012
How do you rate them?
Bomber on 28 Oct 2012
In reply to An Triubhas:


I have two pairs and think they are absolutely brilliant . I use mine for everything from gardening to mountaineering via dog walking and climbing. Not perhaps all that they were initially designed for.
They are rugged, well haven't managed to put any holes in them yet and they gat a fair hammering.
They are slightly wind proof though I seem to leave the leg vents permanently open somewhat defeating this design feature.
They are not waterproof but are lightly water repellant and dry out very quickly. Mine would probably perform better if I washed and reproofed them.

For the price I think they are a good buy, others may well disagree.
George Fisher - on 28 Oct 2012
In reply to An Triubhas:

Really good, cool enough for warmer days, great with thin fleece long johns under on cold days. Dry really quick, nice neat fit at the calf.

Mine are 3 years old and still going fine.
Jonay - on 29 Oct 2012
In reply to An Triubhas:

Just confirming what the above users have said.

I have managed to put a hole in the bum though - but that's was Skyes Gabbro rock for you!

Love the tight neat fit around the calves, keeps theem out of the way, nothing worse than listening to trousers scuffing at the ankle all day!

Work really well in winter conditions, have a DWR coating that can be replenished with softshell treatment. Repells light rain and dry quickly if they do soak through. Snow brushes off them with ease, used them for a week in the Alps with heavy snowfall and they were plenty warm enough too.
Asterix on 30 Oct 2012 - host86-165-151-25.range86-165.btcentralplus.com
In reply to An Triubhas: Confirm what others have said. I have two pairs -reasonably hardwearing, super comfortable fit, close fit around calves to avoid flapping, light enough for summer wear. Not sure they'd be my first choice for winter, but warm enough with long johns.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.