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silo - on 24 Nov 2012
A few friends and myself are heading out to Tafraoute on the 12th of Jan for a weeks cragging.
Do I need to bye a guide book or will there be enough info around when we arrive.

adam06 - on 24 Nov 2012
i'd defo get a guide. There is no where to buy a guide there or any info apart from the new routes books.. which will be hard to use without a guide/good knowledge of the area.
henwardian - on 24 Nov 2012
In reply to silo: What Adam said. There was no info other than the new routes books which you can't exactly take with you to the crag and without a guide book to reference it to, it will not be that much use either.

I have a 124 page PDF document if you want me to e-mail it to you. A lot more routes have gone up there since as it is 3 years old and some of the maps are missing roads, have incorrect place names, etc. With a little patience you can use it to find loads of great climbing though and it is free ;)

Just bear in mind that you are going to Rural Morocco, not Siurana. The only people who will speak English are carpet sellers in Tafraoute, there is no such thing as a supermarket when you get away from Agadir, the signposting on the roads is sporadic at best and when you get out round the back of Jebel El Kest, you probably will not even find anyone who speaks French. And there isn't a local climbing scene (unless it grew in the last 3 years).
Having said all this, it's a great place to go, Fantastic weather and rock at that time of year and very pristine and solitary. Just make sure you know where you can get food and petrol and plan accordingly and don't bank on being able to find fuel for your pocket rocket or any kind of climbing related gear.

Finally, don't park facing the wrong way, the police don't like that and if you don't have a really friendly local who can talk them down, you will be in for a stiff fine! (Yes, the locals do all park willy nilly, no, that will not save you).
pete johnson - on 25 Nov 2012
In reply to silo:
2 websites to look at
www.climb-tafraoute.com Steve Broadbents' website.
www.moroccocrock.com Paul Donnithorne and Emma Alsford's site. Their recent guidebook is the latest and definitive guide but only covers the north side of the Jebel Kest massif.
The north side is better documented than the south (Tafraoute) side.

For the south side there is an older and out of date guide by Claude Davies called Climbing In The Moroccan Anti Atlas. Otherwise there is the new route books in the Amandiers Hotel in Tafraoute. Also There is a download on Steve Broadbent's website for a few of the crags on the south side.

Have fun, its a great place.
Steve Broadbent - on 25 Nov 2012
In reply to silo:
You can buy guidebooks locally at the Hotel les Amandiers, Tafraout Aventure or Maison Troc in Tafraoute. There are accommodation discounts and free delivery on all Morocco guidebooks at http://www.climb-tafraoute.com
Nadir khan - on 25 Nov 2012
In reply to silo: We were there in October Stayed at hotel les amandieres which is good and pretty cheap. the road markings arent always as good as you'd want them to be and route finding can be interesting !

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