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andysroom - on 28 Nov 2012

I am currently suffering from particularly bad 'Shoulder Impingement Syndrome'

Can anyone recommend a good physio therapist in the Leeds area, private or nhs, who specialises in climbing related shoulder injuries?

Neil R - on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to andysroom: There was a similar discussion on this a few weeks ago:

Dan Mckinlay - on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to andysroom: Try the Coach house.


I've used them for 8 years sorting out shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle problems. Having used various physio's for the past 14 years this lot are the best I have come across, only asking you to come back if you really need to. I've climbed full time to a pretty ok standard over that period so all of my injuries have been climbing related.
andysroom - on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to Dan Mckinlay:

Looks good, thanks Dan. Is there any particular therapist from cspc that you'd recommend?
jj0076 - on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to andysroom:
There's a good physio that works (or used to at least) out of the Depot one day a week, and has a leeds practice as well. He's called Rory Holliday, if you want his number drop me a private message.
Dan Mckinlay - on 30 Nov 2012
GgIn reply to andysroom: Vicky has always looked after me but they are all pretty good to be honest.
The Lemming - on 30 Nov 2012
In reply to andysroom:

I have generalised aches and pains of my back from poor body posture and daily awkward lifts which causes knots up and down my spine.

If you are a massage device to work on the muscles of your back then I can most definitely recommend the Homedics massage cushion. I use mine daily and it works wonders.
MrW on 12 Dec 2012 - bas6-barrie18-3096511434.dsl.bell.ca
In reply to andysroom:

No need for physio mate.

They are going to set you up with a strengthening plan and put you on stimulation for your blood, to heal it up.

Save the buck!

Tons of shoulder exercises on google. http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/finder/lookup/filter/muscle/id/12/muscle/shoulders

And they make blood stimulation for home now. http://www.kingbrand.com/Shoulder_Injury_Treatment.php?REF=Boris1011

Good luck!


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