/ Climbing trip- maybe spain, any ideas?

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Tim.W.Climber - on 30 Dec 2012

Few of us were thinking about going away for a week late in April for a bit of sport climbing. Been mostly doing winter/Trad stuff recently so fancied a nice change. Current idea is to go to spain, get a all inclusive hotel and hire car.

However anyone got any cool ideas or had any good (or bad) experience worth looking at (or avoiding)? Our only requirements are climbing, heat and affordable (so Europe probably)

I look forward to hearing your ideas.


wheelo - on 30 Dec 2012
In reply to Tim.W.Climber: mallorca ? and see the sicily thread! Flights to mainland spain probably cheaper though
John_Hat - on 30 Dec 2012
In reply to Tim.W.Climber:

Monserratt - easy drive from Barcelona and lots of cheap places to stay in the city. More climbing of outstanding quality than you can shake a stick at.

El Chorro - cheap places to stay within easy walking distance of the crags, bit of a russion roulette between the railway tunnels and the Camino del rei.

For bad experiences, some of the mountain refuges are astoundingly cheap (we paid a few euros per day) but there's a reason. I'm not a camping person, but given a choice between a tent and an overcrowded refuge, with amazingly uncomfortable bunks, dubious food, no hot water (1), and a couple having sex on the top bunk when every bunk in the room was bolted together, give me canvas any day.

(1) might not appear a biggie, but having a shower and then spending the next hour wrapped in every item of clothing you own trying to get your core temperature back up is not a way to start, or end, the day.
minus273degrees - on 04 Jan 2013
In reply to Tim.W.Climber: im going with tim and we have the guide for mallorca so looks like that's where we are going any hints tips guys

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