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girlymonkey - on 06 Jan 2013
So I have found a very good deal on a pair of Mammut winter boots, and I am very tempted. However, my husband has had a pair of mammuts for a few years and the rand came away from the boot fairly quickly, and a friend had the same problem. Anyone bought any recently and how well have they lasted?
Flat4matt on 07 Jan 2013 -
In reply to girlymonkey:

Not entirely a dedicated winter boot though cope perfectly well in winter are my xt gtx boots ,Got issued a pair about three yesrs ago. Been put through their paces, used and abused and theyre the best boots ive ever owned. Never had a single blister in them, always dry feet at the end of the day. No signs of materials degrading or parting etc.
So basically my experience of mammut boots(discretley labelled raichle by the way) are spot on and klif the winter boots are put together as good as these then i dont think youll go far wrong.

To add to the above, the ine thing im not overly struck on is the rubber used on the sole. Its a vibram sole, very hard wearing and after three years use they still perfectly servicable, they arent the best on slippery surfaces when compared to my freneys. Just slippery rock and such like can be quite tricky. But being aware of this i take more caution and generally dont have problems.
gregcs1 - on 07 Jan 2013
In reply to girlymonkey:

I have Nordwand's, and I'm more than happy with them. They're warm, light, stiff for precise frontpointing and feet friendly when just walking in them. One of the best Ice/mix climbers in our country also have them, and beside usual/expected signs of wear (bruises) there is nothing wrong with boots after two years of (hardcore)use. Another friend of mine uses Mt. Cascade GTX as 3 season boot, and is also very pleased.
Snoweider - on 07 Jan 2013
In reply to girlymonkey:

Most of the boots I own are Mammut, this is mainly because I have very narrow long feet and they fit me out of the box, never had a blister and never had to break them in (unlike all other boots I've tried which kill my feet). I have noticed durability issues with them however, and unlike the poster above, I've found the rubber to have worn away fairly fast. I've sent a couple of pairs back to mammut and they have replaced them, no quibbles. That said, I live and work on Arran mostly and the rough granite eats boots.
My winter boots are Mammooks, and they are wonderful, light, precise and stiff. Toes are wearing away fast though and this is probably their last season (2 full on years use).

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