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Dave Heaton - on 06 Jan 2013
Planning on getting a small van and I've been looking at the Fiat Scudo, Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch. Looking to spend around £2000 maximum for one no older really than 10/11 years. Has anyone had one of these? Any recommendations? Any common problems I should be aware of?
All advice appreciated.
Dax H - on 06 Jan 2013
In reply to Dave Heaton: I had a dispatch about 11 years ago, it was a great van, I did 140k over 4 years and other than consumables the exhaust snapped at 120k and the clutch cable failed at 90k.
there was also a serious problem with the immobiliser, it was a keypad that pulled down and you had to put a pin number in before it started, one day I noticed the light on it flashing so I removed the pad and found that the wires were broken, luckily it was only the cores of the wires so I was able to repair them.
The problem was that there was a zip tie holding the wires in place and it was pulling them tight over a sharp edge as the keypad was opened up, once I cut the tie off and the wires could move it was sortdd.
ERU - on 06 Jan 2013
I got a VW Caddy. The rest were rubbish.
In reply to Dave Heaton:

I had a great Peugeot Expert and I traded it in for a Vito, worst vehicle mistake I've ever made!

CarolineMc - on 07 Jan 2013
In reply to Dave Douglas: Awesome Walls: Slight aside from topic, but what don't you like about the Vito... was torn between the OPs choices and the Vito but people keep pushing me toward the Vito! Can you do a bit of a comparison please?!?!? Co:
Boogs on 07 Jan 2013
In reply to Dave Heaton:

I had an Expert (1.9 Turbo) for a while and liked it , good reliable van fairly quick too .
Also had a Vito for 6 months got used to it but it felt confined and seemed very front heavy & was prone to some funny handeling traits occasionally .
girlymonkey - on 07 Jan 2013
In reply to Dave Heaton: I had a scudo and loved it. I think with most vans of this kind of age, it's more about how well it's been looked after rather than the quality of the van it's self. Try to get one that's been used for light work probably. My uncle has an expert and loves it too, his used to be a florists van, so fairly confident that it's been driven gently, so should last for ages.
Vitos have never been my van of choice - they now only come in automatic I believe, which I really don't like.
Dave Heaton - on 07 Jan 2013
In reply to Dave Heaton:
Loads of helpful advice. Thanks people.
goosebump - on 07 Jan 2013
In reply to Dave Heaton:

I have a Scudo and I have never loved it the way I loved my T4.

T4 = van of greatness.
Scudo = van of mediocrity.

I thought I was was buying a more sensible/economical vehicle after the T4 died. Its a 2006 reg, done about 120K with a service every 10K and so far it has:

immobilised itself.
snapped exhaust twice.
Peculiar electrical ghosts that cant be tracked down and make stuff flicker a bit.
The heater has broken (the blower part, not the heat bit)
The back door lock has broken.
The windows have a habit of dropping just a fraction, so that you only realise/hear once on the motorway and cant reach the passenger handle to do it up.
It is NOT cheaper to run than the T4 was (I mostly do motorway miles).
Oh, and it always seems to sound like the side doors (its got a chopper from 'nam set up, doors both sides) are a bit open.

Worst of all is the turning circle - its like driving a tank, and in the years Ive owned it Ive never been able to park the bloody thing. I could turn the T4 in its own length (nearly )

Plus points - its exactly double bed sized in the back. When I was buying it was 5K; similar priced VW T4s were 3 years older with 20000 more miles on the clock. Caddys were only just in my price bracket since they were pretty "new". Transit connects get a good write up and are a similar size/price to Scudos (or were back then), but not quite bed length in the back, if thats important.

Not sure if any of that helps much, it might just be I got a duffer. What ever you get - the advice someone already gave about checking the prior use of the van you are buying is on the money.
Good luck!
Hephaestus - on 07 Jan 2013
In reply to Dave Heaton: My 1.9 td Peugeot Expert is good and going strong. Good runner, no problems with it.
mgce25c on 10 Jan 2013
In reply to Dave Heaton:

If you're interested.

Equally you're more than welcome to just come take a look to see if it's the right type of van for you.


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