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Jenny Monkey - on 12 Jan 2013
Hey guys, we are going over to the states and are looking for somewhere to stay with good access to red rocks. We're not fussed about tons of vegas style attractions, just somewhere clean and comfy and not too pricey! If anyone has been and found somewhere i'd be grateful for any recommendations!!
jimtitt - on 12 Jan 2013
In reply to Jenny Monkey:
Anywhere in Vegas has good access, it´s about 10 minutes from the city and motorways (or equivelant) all over.
There are at last count 152,275 hotel rooms in the city and they are all begging for your trade as the economy is the pits.
Real cheapo deals are the casino´s like Hooters just off the strip but "normal" services are hard to find like shops and watch the quoted price as there is a resort tax at most places which can double the price.
We stayed a couple of months ago in http://www.siegelslotsandsuites.com/ which is in the north side. Book through an agency as it´s cheaper or haggle, the month rate is $169 a month for two twin bed room. Chinese restaurant next door and across from a 7-11 and Walmart for supplies. It´s working class so you meet real inhabitants not tourists!
I´d use it again and the cleaning lady is from London!!!
Carney - on 13 Jan 2013
In reply to Jenny Monkey: Hi, I will be in Red Rocks in February and have just booked a room in 'The Quad' (on the Strip) for 27$ (inc tax etc)a night. It looks very comfortable and beats staying on a patch of dirt at 13 mile campground for 15$ / night!
Rachel Slater - on 13 Jan 2013
In reply to Jenny Monkey:

Lots of climbers stay at the La Quinta on Sahara. It's super close to red rocks, cheapish but really nice breakfast, pool, hottub and free delicious, hot cookies at 7 every day.
Offwidth - on 13 Jan 2013
In reply to r fizzle: What do you mean cheapish?
Martin Bennett - on 13 Jan 2013
In reply to Jenny Monkey:

We too chose La Quinta Inn & Suites on W Sahara Avenue as it's right on the W edge of the city so closest to the crags. And it's not tacky in any way, just business-like. This link:


shows it at $99 but we got a room with a double bed, double sofa bed and kitchenette/dining facilities for $67 for bed and buffet breakfast. Breakfast is served early enough for most days but you'll have to forego it for the BIG routes as you'll want to get away sooner. Free cookies at reception most afternoons too!
An added bonus is there's a Chicago Brewing Company brew pub on the same corner with happy hour prices most evenings and weekends on food as well as beer. Oh - and free coffee machine right there in your room.
victim of mathematics - on 13 Jan 2013
In reply to jimtitt:

We stated in a motel just off the top of the strip near Fremont Street, which was pretty reasonable, but it took about half an hour every day to drive out along Charleston to the crags. If I was going again, I'd camp, or find somewhere on the west side of town.

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