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Blue Straggler - on 12 Jan 2013
Hello, I am heading out to Sardinia over Easter and am pondering accommodation options. I have done a brief search of the forums and got a couple of links etc but it doesn't hurt to start a new thread!

Looking for "cheap and cheerful" self catering so although it looks lovely, The Lemon House seems a bit on the dear side for our needs. Got a couple of links from UKC but need to email the owners for tariffs, which I'll do (Lido Residence for example or depending on how many of us go, the guy on this thread http://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/t.php?t=325035&v=1#x6012214 or this http://web.tiscali.it/smaya/appartamenti2.htm).
Also, not in Cala Gonone but the b&b at Nebida run by Flaviano and Adele sounds like it might fit the bill (again need to contact them for details)....but we had been thinking that Cala Gonone was the "no brainer" base for Sardinia. We will have a car.
Anyone who's been, please give us a recommendation.
So far just two of us definitely going, and two or three "maybes"

Peter Herold - on 25 Jan 2013
Nebida itself is not that nice and "b&b at Nebida run by Flaviano and Adele" has been closed for at least 6 years. Buggeru is much nicer. Lots of new routes in this area in the 2011 Pietra di Luna (Cala Domestica etc). Also new easier MP routes along the coast here, details in UP. ciao Peter

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.