/ GT Avalanche 3.0 vs Giant Revel 1

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Tyler - on 25 Jan 2013
I'm trying to choose an inexpensive mountain bike. I know nothing about bikes but have narrowed it down to these two (based mainly on the fact that these two makes are sold by local bike shops). Anyone got any thoughts about these (which is best) or similar?


Kimono - on 25 Jan 2013
In reply to Tyler:
i have a giant revel....not a bad bike. A little heavy and the forks are a bit nasty (though i have the 2012 model and they may be different.)
I have given it a bit of a pounding on some rocky trails out here and it has survived...so far.

To be honest though, i wish i had spent a little more...
ghf on 25 Jan 2013 - c-50-132-93-22.hsd1.wa.comcast.net
In reply to Tyler:

I have a GT Avalanche. I think it's a great all around mtb, and a very good value. I don't know anything about the Giant, so can't compare it. I bought my Avalanche after geting one for my kid. Both have held up very well.
FrankBooth - on 29 Jan 2013
In reply to Tyler:
It's probably a question of going to a few bike shops and trying them out. Giant, GT, Specialized and Trek all have an offering at around this price. Also, I wouldn't dismiss Deathlon's own-brand bikes which tend to be very good value for money.
jfw - on 30 Jan 2013
In reply to FrankBooth:

I got a cheap avalanche of wiggle (prob older model than your looking at0 - its good but heavy! compared to my road bike and cyclocross.

Pros - hydraulic discs, nice ride position

Cons - 30lbs!

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