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JadePatricia--x on 26 Jan 2013 - host-92-17-212-44.as13285.net
Hey guyz, im located in Durham, North East, Im just making this post as i am looking for a biking partner, i have a off road TREK BIKE which as any other bike can be used on roads, but it does have its limits, as its not a road bike.

I bought my bike in november, so im just starting out, but im not getting out much at the moment with the snow, so im looking for a partner ready for when this stupid snow settles , private message or reply if your interested?, thanks!.
martinph78 on 26 Jan 2013
In reply to JadePatricia--x:

Hi Jade, I'm in Durham also. Have you been to Hamsterly Forest? There are some reasonable trails there. Some pretty good single track if you fancy getting into off-road biking.

Kileder forest is also worth a visit.

JadePatricia--x on 27 Jan 2013 - host-92-17-212-44.as13285.net
In reply to Martin1978: no martin, unfortunately i haven't experienced hamsterly yet, im training to develop my fitness atm to get to that point (im doing climbing and biking, which im hoping will develop my leg strength) for the rotes there, where abouts in durham area are you from?

ive never heard of that other place, ill have to look it up
martinph78 on 27 Jan 2013
In reply to JadePatricia--x: You don't need too much leg strength for some of the routes at Hamsterly and Kielder (Kielder Forest, is up in Northumberland). There's no shame in walking up some of the hills if your legs can't stand it

Have sent you an email.
JadePatricia--x on 27 Jan 2013 - host-2-99-0-142.as13285.net
In reply to Martin1978: Oh sweet , hopefully i wont be walking more then i would biking haha :/ i kinda lack motivation, which is why when i bike or climb i like to do it with soemone otherwise i tend to slack XD.

- ive replied to your email, talk on there?

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.