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JadePatricia--x on 31 Jan 2013 - host-2-99-1-107.as13285.net
So, im JUST over the 100kg mark, - 15st 13lb (FEMALE)

I've been a member at climbing gyms for 2-3 year but only started training seriously as from the 2nd of january, so far I've lost 7lbs .

Basically I'm needing some help with some training ideas, exercises etc, to help me with my climbing, but note that I am what you may call 'heavy' so one harm hands might be a stuggle etc.

Please any advice is better then none!

Thanks for your time!
bobtheclimber - on 31 Jan 2013
In reply to JadePatricia--x: use the search function questions like this come up all the time...probably why you havent had any responses yet...

want to get better/improve climb more

you will loose weight whilst doing this if you are watching what you eat

for days you can climb...cardio, bodyweight exercises.. pushups situps pullups etc..
kwaidy - on 31 Jan 2013
In reply to JadePatricia--x: i dr.ink lots of green tea .loads of benifits.google it for the facts and u will see what i mean.
JadePatricia--x on 31 Jan 2013 - host-2-99-1-107.as13285.net
In reply to kwaidy: thanks alot for the green tea tip, my brother drinks that stuff (he goes climbing with me) and he says the benefits of green tea are amazing, ive tried it now and then, but its not my cup of tea :P, im not keen on the taste, so i guess im gunna have to grin and bear it . thanks!
JadePatricia--x on 31 Jan 2013 - host-2-99-1-107.as13285.net
In reply to bobtheclimber: Oh sweet, im new to the forum so im still finding my way around it - thanks for filling me in.
ayuplass - on 01 Feb 2013
In reply to JadePatricia--x:
Being a 'heavy' climber is hard work, I struggle to get up anything once my weight approaches 14 stone! Improving your technique and becoming more efficient will help you while you are losing weight but once you lose a stone or more you'll really notice a difference.
You don't say what grade you are climbing but even if its really easy stuff you can train by doing laps of easy routes - climb up and down, rest then repeat on each route. Even laps on the same route will be good although its v boring. While you are climbing try to climb slowly and really look at the footholds, not just a glance - watch your foot until its firmly on the hold.
Core work will help you keep your weight over your feet. Other than that just try to do any kind of exercise you enjoy and do it regularly, find a diet you can tolerate and stick to and enjoy the results!
JadePatricia--x on 03 Feb 2013 - host-92-17-213-162.as13285.net
In reply to ayuplass:
Thanks a lot for the advice Ayu,
My brother climbs alongside me most of the time, and he basically says what you are, he says when i loose weight, i will feel the difference on the wall when it comes to crimping small holds etc, as there will be less strain on your fingers etc, tbh.. I'm not actually sure what grade im climbing as the climbing centre i go to is only one year old, and i haven't bothered reading the grading key atm, i can climb purples (which is the easiest route there), I'm climbing most pinks etc which is 'medium - hard' and i purposely climb routes which I KNOW i cant do, just to push myself to see how far i can get, if that makes sense .

My brother has worked me out a cardio/weight training workout which has varied exercises such as:-
Pushups on gymnastic rings
Dips on Gymnastic Rings
Kettlebell Swings (Ranging from 12-20kg)
Medicine Ball Slams (Tibeta) for eg:- 20 seconds slamming, 10 seconds rest, and so on for 2 minutes.
Farmers Walks etc
etc etc , im trying to work out a fingerboard work out which will help me with 'locking off' as i have trouble doing that when it comes to climbing
Fluvial - on 03 Feb 2013
In reply to JadePatricia--x:

Most has been said here already but also to get better to become more agile your primary concern is losing some more weight which you seem to be doing well (Well done there) Given we dont know how tall you are do you know what your ideal weight is?

Continue climbing but also consider cycling (10 miles twice a week wouldn't take long) this will help you lose weight more diet is the obvious thing as well and maybe the worst of the worst running - treadmill or street this kind of exercise will help build up strength and aid in weight loss. This alongside your climbing will soon show the benefits more than just climbing alone.

Good luck whatever you choose to do.
geebus - on 03 Feb 2013
I went down from 16 stone to 11 stone 6 pounds last year and it made a big difference to my climbing (now up to 13 again, though some of that is muscle at least and am now starting 'being good').

I did it mostly by just eating less and monitoring what I was eating - I like www.myfitnesspal.com which makes it very easy to monitor what you're eating.

Even at the higher weight, I was reasonably strong, so it was rare that it was my arm strength that was the issue. If it is for you, I suspect just doing the climbing will help plenty towards that - make sure you're getting plenty of protein in your diet to ensure your muscles can get stronger.

For me it's always been a problem with finger strength - and having put some weight back on, it's even more noticeable.
IoanTataru - on 03 Feb 2013
In reply to JadePatricia--x: Don't overdo it on the fingerboard. Maybe just use the jugs and slopers for a while. One screwed up tendon on a finger and you'll have to change the mouse-clicking finger for a while ... It will also affect your climbing .
ashley1_scott - on 03 Feb 2013
In reply to JadePatricia--x:
Im trying to work out a fingerboard work out which will help me with 'locking off' as i have trouble doing that when it comes to climbing

I would advice much the same as everyone here already has, I would say to stay away from the fingerboards. Its all to easy to injure a finger tendon on them, which will put you out of climbing for upto 8 weeks.

JadePatricia--x on 04 Feb 2013 - host-2-99-1-232.as13285.net
In reply to Fluvial:

Thanks alot, i seem to be doing well if i may say so myself, just the last week I've been at a standstill, not gaining, nor losing weight, which is quite frustrating.

Well now the snow has decide to leave us, I'm starting to bike to and from to the climbing centre i go to which is 9.6 miles there and back (Which I was doing before we had the episodes of snow)

I've wanted to try doing running as a hobby, but i can never get into it, i try listening to music which is a fast beat etc to get me into it, but i tend to slack off and be like 'for god sake, cant be bothered' it doesnt keep me interested - like it does climbing , besides i broke my ankle a year ago or so :/

Erm.. im about 5.8 in height and im 15st 13lb atm, and im wanting to get down to 10-11stone .
JadePatricia--x on 04 Feb 2013 - host-2-99-1-232.as13285.net
In reply to geebus:
Congratulations on the weight loss

Thanks for sending me that like, ill sure have to check it out and see if it will help in some ways .

I mean, my climbings really come along this last month, and i only actually realised this yesterday when i was climbing blues at the centre, which are grade v4-v6, i tried a route which the holds were close together, so you wernt holding the crimps for long, and the footholds were tiny, so all the weight was on the fingers, and i climbed half the route, and my brother (who climbs alongside me) was very shocked that i did the start move, as it was a very hard crimp for a start move , but i didnt 'complete' the route, but i now have a fingery route to work on :D

And well, due to not having much cash, i cant afford, meats & proteins etc, but i do have protein powder in the house, which i use when there isnt the food source, if that makes sense, its good stuff!

thanks alot for the advice!
JadePatricia--x on 04 Feb 2013 - host-2-99-1-232.as13285.net
In reply to ashley1_scott: Reading the replies from the fingerboard inquiry, i think ill stay away from it now, maybe just do some hangs on the fingerboard now and then, on the big jugs, , I'll stay away from the finger-y ones till I loose a bit weight, so theres not so much weight on the fingers
JadePatricia--x on 04 Feb 2013 - host-2-99-1-232.as13285.net
In reply to IoanTataru: Thanks for the advice, I think ill stick to the jugs, and slopes on the fingerboards, and stay away from the fingery ones .
New POD on 04 Feb 2013 - 471ob.scansafe.net
In reply to JadePatricia--x:

Hi, This is my first post so be nice to me.

I'm a 45 year old male freelance engineer, who usually works away from home monday to friday.

This time last year I was 103 kg's and increasing, I was living 4 nights a week in digs, eating LARGE portions, doing hardly any exercise. I cut out all fat, sugar and most carbs, sp my calorie intake was about 1700 a day. I started cycling to work Tuesday to Thursday. and taking the long way back, (about 30 miles a week), and started going to a climbing wall in derby 1 night a week (on my own ). I got down to 91 kg by November, but changed my contract, and was in B&B for a month til christmas, overate over christmas, had a bad cold most of Jan, and took to comfort eating.
This moring I was 95 Kg's
Not good.
BUT : Tonight I move into new digs in Congelton, and in a week or so I'll start to cycle the 7.5 miles down the canal to work, which should be 45 miles a week, and then start cycling out in the evening to find some bouldering. The nearest climbing wall is too far in either Stockport Or Stoke on Trent.

Anyway back to the point. Eat less, do more works for me, but I know If I weigh myself daily it works better, because I can see the impact that eating too much or doing nothing has, within 24 hours.
JadePatricia--x on 06 Feb 2013 - host-2-103-137-40.as13285.net
In reply to New POD:
yeah i understand the eat less do more, regime, i did this for a month, ive lost 7lbs, just the last week or so i have slipped abit, and im not as strict, ive lost motivation, but im climbing tonight so that should get me back on track! .

do you have skype or whatever?

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