/ Rare Climbing Books Sale For Keswick MRT

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Rare Climbing Books being sold to raise money for Keswick MRT

Peter Johnston, a Lake District solicitor and founder of the Hesket Spiders Mountaineering Club, who died last year, was a great collector of mountaineering books. At the request of his widow the most sought after of these are being auctioned on Ebay with all the proceeds going to Keswick Mountain Rescue Team.

The full list is:

True Tales of Mountain Adventure (Audrey Le Blond)
One Man's Mountains (Tom Patey)
A Progress in Mountaineering (JHB Bell)
Rock Climbers in Action in Snowdonia (John Cleare & Tony Smythe)
The Heart of Lakeland (Lehmann J Oppenheimer)
The Hard Years (Joe Brown)
The Making of a Mountaineer (George Ingle Finch)
A Dream of White Horses (Edwin Drummond)
This Game of Ghosts (Joe Simpson)
British Mountain Climbs (George D Abraham)
FRCC Red Guide: II. Pillar Rock (HM Kelly)
FRCC Red Guide: IV. Great Gable and Borrowdale (HS Gross & AR Thomson)
Extreme Rock (Ken Wilson & Bernard Newman)
Hard Rock (Ken Wilson)
Complete Set of FRCC Journals 1907 - 2010 (82 volumes)

Many of these are first or early editions.

Fuller details can be found at: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/dansketinde/m.html?item=121062228269&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&...
In reply to Stephen Reid:

Two more books have been added, both first editions:
The Black Cliff (Crew, Soper, Wilson)
One Green Bottle (Elizabeth Coxhead)
Thank you very much to Mick and UKC for putting this link on. The sale has raised over £1000 and counting, far more than we had hoped. Only one book unsold, a first edition of Joe Simpson's Game of Ghosts, if anyone wants to make me an offer for it.
stevedude888 - on 16 Feb 2013
In reply to Stephen Reid: What sort of price are you looking for it?

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