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bigbobbyking - on 13 Feb 2013
My easyjet flight from Geneva to Gatwick was delayed over 7 hours on Monday. I'm wondering if there is some way to get a public record of this to show my insurance company to explain why I had to stay in a hotel in Gatwick. I tried flight tracker but the flight on Monday (11/2) is completely missing from their log http://uk.flightaware.com/live/flight/EZY8477

I have a few photos from my phone of the departure board showing massive delay, but that doesn't actually confirm that the final departure time wasn't until almost 1am.

I have contacted Easyjet to ask them to provide me with the information, but so far no response...
In reply to bigbobbyking: Ring Easyjet directly? 0843 104 5000 (open 8am to 8pm)

If Easyjet are refusing to respond then inform them you are contacting the CAA to resolve the dispute.


Inform your insurance you are doing the same.
Philip on 13 Feb 2013
Is Gatwick BAA? You could try them as they actually manage the delays.
ceri's - on 13 Feb 2013
bigbobbyking - on 13 Feb 2013
In reply to ceri's:

Thanks - that one has the real departure and arrival time.

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