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Joe Mol on 15 Mar 2013 - host86-131-149-13.range86-131.btcentralplus.com

Does anyone recommend any particularly good roads to cycle on in the Peak district? Also, I'm interested in what kind of speeds / average speeds / average cadence others get up to...I'm a relatively new biker so I'm open to any tips anyone might have!

Cheers...it's an awesome sport!
Strachan on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM:
My favourite roads are:

The Cat and Fiddle road, especially the descent into Macclesfield
Gun Hill, especially if you go up the side from the Macclesfield-Leek road, and then down into Meerbrook. The road up from the middle of meerbrook to roach end is an amazing climb, which then gives a really cool descent to Gradbach etc, and the potential to link up with Flash.
Anything around Wildboarclough is generally pretty good too, though the road along the bottom of the valley is a bit of a killer false-flat if you get it from the wrong direction.
I have linked up a load of good roads here if it helps give you a few ideas:

I know it's all very much on one side of the peak (the side I live on!), and it's obviously not meant as a route, but I would pretty much recommend any part of it as well worth doing.
There's also some good stuff worth doing out towards Longnor.
Hope this helps.
rogersavery - on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM:

If you want hills - cat and fiddle or snake pass

If you don't want hills - A6 Bakewell to derby is very popular

If you want no hills and short - monsal trail is popular especially at the weekends
ThunderCat - on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM:

When I first got my bike (its a mountain bike but with slick tyres on it), and started to build up distances I also headed towards the cat and fiddle. Didn't know the area so just followed my nose and found the Goyt Valley which is bloody lovely.

There's a road which runs all from Whaley Bridge to Buxton (I think it's called Long Road / Long Hill but might be shown on maps as Manchester Road or the A5004? Goes through Fernilee and over the hills...

At the the very top point there's a signpost to your right pointing down into the Goyt Valley (very steep decent). At the bottom you cross the reservoir, and bear left. Theres a single track road which will then lead you through the Valley all the way to the cat and fiddle and as a bonus, I think it gets closed off to cars on Sundays so you'll only get walkers and other cyclists.

Love the area. Can't believe I live 20 miles away from it for 10 years and never stumbled across it.

Strachan on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM: the road along the goyt valley up to the cat and fiddle also has the advantage of being one-way almost the whole way along, as far as Derbyshire bridge, so it's narrow and windy but there's no problems with negotiating oncoming vehicles. It is possible to link this up with the roads around windgather area too, which are very nice.
r0b on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM:

The classic 50-ish mile route from Manchester is Pott Shrigley - Brickworks (Bakestonedale Road) - Kettleshulme - Windgather (Side End Lane) - Goyt Valley - Cat and Fiddle then home via Macc and Alderley Edge, or Rainow and Bollington.

Also, check out the route of the Polka Dot Challenge which takes in a lot of good roads (including the above):

Hat Dude on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM:

Worked out a nice approx 70 mile circuit last year; starting and finishing at Stoney Middleton via Eyam, Hope, Edale, Peak Forest, Millers Dale, Earl Sterndale, Youlgreave, Stanton in the Peak, Rowsley Bar, Wadshelf then back via Curbar Gap.

Approx 90% of it on quiet side roads and some good climbs; particularly out of Edale via Mam Tor and Rowsley Bar towards the end.
tim000 - on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM: where will you be starting from ?
Baron Weasel - on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to Hat Dude: Edale via Mam tor is amazing!

Joe Mol on 15 Mar 2013 - host86-142-127-141.range86-142.btcentralplus.com
In reply to JTM:

Thanks a lot for all these replies / suggestions...I will certainly be checking out these roads and links. I'm from Stoke-on-Trent so they're all applicable.

The area around goyt valley and cat and fiddle has had several recommendations...

Another question... does anyone know of any up-coming sportives in the peak-district area?

Thanks again
ThunderCat - on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM:

I must get my arse back in that saddle and do a long push up to the cat and fiddle. It's about 50 miles there and back. Love it.
AlisonSmiles - on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM:

I nearly cried trying to ride up to Castle Naze. And that's more do-able than some of the climbs so might be a nice starter for someone with perhaps some push in their legs ...
ThunderCat - on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to AlisonSmiles:

Alderley edge, from the main street up the hill to the top of the 'egde' itself.

It took me five seperate attempts to get up there without stopping for a rest. The first time I tried, I took one look at the hill in front of me and thought "stuff that" and didn't even bother.

Second time I had to stop out of sheer embarassment because I was being overtaken by an old fella in a really slow tractor who was laughing at me.

Did it in the end though. Coming back down is a blast.
blurty - on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM

Stoke, Bottom House on the Ashbourne to Leek road leads up to Morridge edge, Axe edge, Longnor, Hulme End, Stanshope, Ilam, Calton crossroads, and back to Stoke.

Why not join a club? It's more fun to ride in a group and you'll get to know the area. If you can be bothered to get over to Ashbourne you'd be welcome to ride with us
Joe Mol on 15 Mar 2013 - host86-142-127-141.range86-142.btcentralplus.com
In reply to blurty: I've thought about club riding... I can imagine it being good fun riding in a team. There's a club in Ashbourne then?
Stuart en Écosse - on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM:

I've only done one ride there and loved it.

From Hathersage, loop of Edale and the Mam Tor road - Bradwell - out the back of Bradwell uphill to the west - follow small roads south to Miller's Dale - Bakewell for tarts - return via Grindleford and back to Hathersage. Brilliant run, scenic, good cafes and even the drivers seemed a bit more chilled than I'm used to here.

Strachan on 16 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM:
If you live in Stoke, heading in the same direction (but not necessarily actually on) the A34, and then over Mow Cop (up the Killer Mile if you can face it), down into Biddulph, and then up past Biddulph Grange Gardens to Biddulph Park/ Newtown is a good way to get out into the peak
Bean Head - on 16 Mar 2013
In reply to JTM:

This was a nice ride I did the other week:


You're spoilt for choice in Stoke when it come to good cycling. There are plenty of clubs more local than Ashbourne, too.


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