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razzorbuzz - on 27 Mar 2013

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if someone on the ground can give me a heads up as to what its currently like up there. We booked a cottage a while back with the intention of knocking out a few routes at The Roaches over the Easter weekend, we are leaving London on Thur night. Looking at MWIS and a few local web cams it seems the weather has hit hard.

I'm gona sling a pair of crampons & axes in the car anyway however does anyone have any info on the following

-What are the road conditions like, I saw that Snake Road has been closed is this still the case and are there others I should be aware of.

-What is the likely hood that anything (winter) might be in condition or will it be best to stick to the (very cold) grit. I've never been to the Peaks in Winter only Wales & further north so not sure what if anything might be around.

-Anything else you can think of that might be of use

Thanks so much
Oliiver on 27 Mar 2013 - dsl78-143-203-19.in-addr.fast.co.uk
In reply to razzorbuzz: I was on kinder on Sunday, and I believe some of the cloughs are frozen up on the edale side. I don't know if the downfalls in I didn't see any climbers
razzorbuzz - on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to Oliiver: No I guessed Downfalls wouldn't be in condition and looking at the log books its not been climbed since the 26th of Jan. Thanks for the info though much appreciated
Iain Thow - on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to razzorbuzz: Snake road was open this morning but it's snowing again so could be shut again. Winnats is still officially shut but passable if you've got a 4WD - there were 3 JCBs digging out the Rushup road this morning so it should be clear now. Most of the main roads south of Castleton are open again. AS for climbing, the grit edges are still pretty snowed up. Turf routes are well frozen, so Back Tor Gully is fine (lots of snow!) but Mam Tor has been stripped. The ridges on the north side of Winnats Pass were snow free this morning but the south side is still pretty snowy (did a wibbly version of Speedwell Ridge last night). I'd guess most of the smaller Kinder & Bleaklow cloughs are good (People have been doing Wildboar and Crowden, as well as stuff in the Chew. Definitely going to winter rather than cragging.
Have fun,
cragtyke on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to razzorbuzz: Went up wildboar clough after work tonight, not too much snow low down in the valley, route itself was fairly well banked out especially higher up.
Alex@home - on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to razzorbuzz:

i bouldered at new mills torrs yesterday and it was dry under the viaduct and bionics wall. didn't look further along but apart from recent snow it's been fairly dry this winter so shouldn't be much seepage. and there's the new sport routes so plenty for a day if you're that way inclined.

looks like all of the main roads are open now apart from woodhead;
cragtyke on 28 Mar 2013
In reply to Alex@home: the main woodhead road is open A628, it's just the holme moss rd that's shut.
LTS0611 - on 28 Mar 2013
In reply to razzorbuzz: We went up to Kinder Downfall yesterday. Banked out with snow so ice rotting underneath - climbable but dangerous. We parked at Highfield which was fine.
LTS0611 - on 28 Mar 2013
In reply to LTS: We were at Kinder Downfall yesterday. We considered the conditions too dangerous - banked out with snow and ice rotting underneath. There are a couple of little ice walls either side that you could on play on with care. It wasn't freezing.
razzorbuzz - on 28 Mar 2013
In reply to razzorbuzz: Thanks everyone for all the info, either way look like its going to be a fun Easter
Alex@home - on 28 Mar 2013
In reply to razzorbuzz:

been in dimmings dale (churnet) today. lots of dry stuff and loads of great climbing - quite steep though
Eddie1234 - on 29 Mar 2013
In reply to Alex@home: Alex regarding winter conditions take a look on here - http://roebuckmountaineering.co.uk/blog/ Crowden Clough is looking and good and it looks like there is a couple of bits around Kinder.

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