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andyathome on 10 May 2013 - [dab-far1-h-61-4.dab.02.net]
Lets just take a wee sideways step and remove this bolty thing from the obsession with a shitty slate quarry in the Lakes.

I've looked at, and argued about, the proposed BMC 'position statement' (and just how prissy and mealy mouthed can you be that its just a 'position statement').

What, to my mind, really sucks is that in the current UK climate we seem to be accepting the current retrobolting of routes that CAN be protected perfectly adequately with leader placed gear because 'its a sport crag'. That's pathetic. Simply pathetic. Whoever bolted VS trad routes at Giggleswick should bloody well hang their heads.

I for one deplore the removal from the BMC policy that retrobolting of trad routes is not acceptable. And will argue so at the next meeting I can get to.

I look forward to your opinions and thoughts....
Chris the Tall - on 10 May 2013
In reply to andyathome:
If you don't like the BMC's position on something, then get involved

Don't blame those who have got off their backsides, gone to meetings etc, blame those who haven't !

And I'm speaking from experience here, it is possible to change things in the BMC

(Be warned though, one minute you are posting anonymously, next thing you know you are invited to join a "working group", aka "death by committee")
ERU - on 11 May 2013

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.