/ Pierre Bouilloux Sup Air Tent

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Spike - on 01 Jul 2013
I have a Sup air tent in near mint condition to sell but it is without instructions. I searched the web for them and can't find any (only one query from a couple of years back on UKC which didn't link to instructions either).

can anyone help with advice on the installation of the pole at the front and the one at the back, the main two inner poles are easy to install lining up the velcro strips but I can't get the front and rear pole to seat nicely and I can't remember if there is any trick to doing this.

Any help or advice appreciated, I don't really wish to try to sell this if I can't help the buyer with complete instructions!

Thanks in advance
Timmd on 01 Jul 2013
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Perhaps the patent description might be of help?

Sounds interesting...
Spike - on 02 Jul 2013
In reply to Timmd:
thanks for that - interesting stuff but unfortunately doesn't help me with instructions on the tent poles. I've emailed those kind people at Northern Paragliding - who I think still sell a version of the sup'air tent. If I get anywhere then I'll post something back on here.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.