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niall_a_allen - on 03 Jul 2013
I've been climbing since January and now want to start progressing on my grade. I currently climb F6a-F6b on limestone but find if its a physical route then i really struggle. I know the best way to progress is just to climb but at the moment its hard for me to get out on the rock. I am a member of a local gym (fitness not climbing) and was wondering what should I be doing to improve my power to weight?
David Kay - on 03 Jul 2013
In reply to niall_a_allen: If there is a climbing gym local then quit the fitness and join the climbing. If not, then work on upper body strength and core, along with a bit of cardio to burn off any excess fat (although your metabolic rate should be through the roof at 16). No matter what you do in the gym you're limiting factor on rock will be technique and finger strength, which unfortunately you need to go climbing to develop really.
GeoffRadcliffe - on 04 Jul 2013
In reply to David Kay: I agree with most of what David has said but you could buy or make a finger board and use that to increase your finger strength. Apart from basic upper body exercises such as pullups try working on your one arm lock-off strength. Wide-grip pullups will also build shoulder strength. If there are any stone walls in your area, you could try traversing them to build finger strength and stamina.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.