/ FS: Renault Master Stealth Campervan

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Jojo1982 on 24 Jul 2013 - host31-54-177-249.range31-54.btcentralplus.com
Price: £400
My lovely 'stealth camper van' Robbie needs a new steering rack and I can't afford to fix it quoted £300 for the work.

It has an MOT until November but the tax runs out at the end of this month so could do with shifting it. Will take offers around £400.

Panelled out in the back with lino flooring and board between boxed in wheel arches serves as a perfect double bed space. We've had loads of fun in this van; plenty of space for all your climbing or mountaineering gear/ mountain or road bikes plus cooking gear. Just park up and kip! No-one need ever know you're in there! I'm gutted to be letting him go.

Had a whole new exhaust last November and a brand new windscreen and driver side window 3 months ago (when some little scrote decided to vandalise it; which is why I now can't afford the repairs)

Email or call me for more details/ pics. Van is in Chapel-en-le-Frith in the High Peak.

Jojo1982 on 13 Aug 2013 - host.40.brother.co.uk
He has gone to the scrapyeard in the sky... :*(

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