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owlart - on 26 Jul 2013
A friend of mine works as a carer, and has just been told that she needs to complete around 12 online training modules (each of approx 1hr) in her own time within the next month if she wishes to keep her job. Putting aside the usual "if you don't like it, leave" comments, is this legal? Can you be required to undergo training in your own time?
Sarah G on 26 Jul 2013
In reply to owlart:
She needs to check her contract. I have just had a hunt through various regulatins, and although an employer must ensure that an employee recieved regualar required health and safety training, they do not specify that the employer has to pay for it. Most do, becuase that way they are sure that the employee has attended and therefore the employer is indemnified.

The NHS pays, and so do most employers.

Hope this helps

Sarah G on 26 Jul 2013
The Working Time regulatiions seems to say that work-related training IS imcluded as a part of the normal working time (and is therefore paid);


thin bob on 26 Jul 2013
In reply to owlart:
If she wants to fight it, talk to ACAS, CAB or a union (you don't need to be a member for most of them).

It sounds like the employer is being an arse, so will probably try & manouvre her out if she does protest too much.

Personally, I'd ask why I had to do it in my own time (maybe the employer can't allocate the time..in which case they're incompetent or lazy!). Then ask to be paid for it (perhaps gradually) or for time off in lieu.

If all these were refused, i'd do it and then slack off as much as humanely possible. I'd also be tempted to drop a few teacups (prefereably on the bosses car) ;-)
winhill - on 26 Jul 2013
In reply to owlart:

Is she directly employed or via an agency?
owlart - on 26 Jul 2013
In reply to winhill: Thanks folks. She's employed directly not via an agency. Her employers really are taking the p*ss.
Banned User 77 - on 26 Jul 2013
In reply to owlart: I've just been told to speak at a conference.. and I have to pay to attend..

We have jobs.. things aren't always legal.. these things are often just suggested to us..

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