/ Climbing Works Sheffield Vs Awesome walls Stoke

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phja - on 23 Sep 2013

I mostly go to the works but am tempted to try out Stoke...what are peoples opinions on how they compare?

JimboWizbo - on 23 Sep 2013
In reply to phja: Personally I preferred the Works
Dave Garnett - on 23 Sep 2013
In reply to phja:

The regulars are friendly at Stoke!
yeti on 23 Sep 2013
In reply to phja:

do you often commute to stoke? sounds an awful long way to go
rideti.me - on 23 Sep 2013
In reply to phja:

Aren't there like 3 other walls in Sheffield including a brand new Awesome Walls before you start trucking across to Stoke?

In reply to phja:

Awesome Walls Stoke is not quiet as hard core as The Works.

Please feel free to check out what we have here- http://www.awesomewalls.co.uk/climbing-centres/stoke/walkthrough-walls or on our Facebook page here- https://www.facebook.com/AwesomeWallsStoke/photos_stream

Thanks for your interest,

Dave D.
Graeme Alderson on 25 Sep 2013
In reply to Dave Douglas: Awesome Walls: Now, now Dave, you are doing yourself an injustice "There is the AWESOME cave, with it's massive, roof and 45 degree wall" (From your website). The Works doesn't have anything like this, just lots and lots and lots of stuff at ALL angles and grades
heelhookofglory - on 25 Sep 2013
In reply to phja:

AW Stoke is a great wall with sociable staff and customers. The problems which are set there are always great to solve and they run regular comps, too.

Give it a go, see what you think.
hellboundblr on 25 Sep 2013
In reply to phja:
Whenever I am in the area I usually go to AW Stoke. Nice set of problems, with all sorts of angles and interesting use of volumes and shape of walls. Cave is BIG and fun and good exercise.
Staff have always seemed particularly friendly and welcoming. Well worth a visit if you are over that way. From what I remember the grading for the main area was done in colour coded circuits, so very simple to choose problems of desired difficulty.
There has always been ample parking space whenever Ive been there.
Also, I thought i may have taken a wrong turn the first time I went as the approach road/area looked a little unlikely at first.
Only been to the works once. Cant remember much about it.
marktrik - on 03 Oct 2013
In reply to phja: to be honest, i've not been to stoke but have been to a number of bouldering walls and the works always comes out on top.
so my guess is that stoke my be worth a visit but works will probably come out on top.
stp - on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to phja:

There is now an Awesome Walls wall in Sheffield too, the other side of town from the Works but nevertheless much nearer than Stoke.

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