/ Marmot 8000m Down Suit (Two Piece)

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Axel Smeets - on 08 Oct 2013
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I'm selling a Marmot 8000m Down Suit (two piece so more flexible than an all in one suit).

Size is Medium - I'm 6 foot 1, slim build and it fits nicely but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone taller as my dimensions are the absolute limit for this suit.

The reason for sale is because it's no longer required. I was intending to be on Cho Oyu in 2012 but the trip was cancelled at the last minute due to the Chinese authorities complicating things. I have a trip planned next year but a full down suit will probably be overkill.

I bought it second hand and I've never used it. It has been used on one expedition to Everest and has been to the summit (previous owner). I would class it as 'used' but with plenty of life left in it.

There is one tiny tear on the bum which has been stitched up. Otherwise it's in good condition and lofts nicely. I have always stored it uncompressed.

Photos available on request.

I think the suit is around 6 years old. Brand new, Marmot 8000m suits retail for around £700-£800

Located just outside Sheffield. Price includes delivery. £300.

Email me via UKC.

Axel Smeets - on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to Axel Smeets:

Open to offers on this.
Trad-is-rad on 15 Oct 2013 - host-92-27-31-159.static.as13285.net
In reply to Axel Smeets: hey man, could you upload or email me some more pics?

cheers man, Adam
Axel Smeets - on 16 Oct 2013
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Hi there. I have mailed you. Cheers.
Trad-is-rad on 16 Oct 2013 - host81-151-238-102.range81-151.btcentralplus.com
In reply to Axel Smeets: Yhm
Axel Smeets - on 05 Nov 2013
In reply to Axel Smeets:

Now sold

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