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dutybooty - on 25 Oct 2013
Hi All. I'm looking for a mountain hardwear south col.

I want a large expedition pack for a trip this winter (circa 2 weeks). I like the look of the south col but the only place I can find supplying them to the UK are trekinn and a place called ecrater...I'm not sure if I can trust those two suppliers, anyone have any experience?

My other alternative is the pod X-pod. I had a black ice and whilst heavy, loved it.

Any views from anyone?
martinph78 on 25 Oct 2013
In reply to dutybooty: The South Col is a great pack but didn't fit me very well. I've just got a Berghaus Expedition Lite 80 (LD Mountain Centre stock them) and would also recommend that you take a look at that. The lighteste 80 litre pack on the market..?

Ordered from Trekinn recently, took 6 weeks for them to get the item in stock (they ariginally said 4), but once in it was delivered quickly. I would use them again, but check item is in stock or be prepared to wait!
due - on 25 Oct 2013
In reply to dutybooty:

I have a smaller MHW pack in the same design (Via Rapida) and while OK it's a bit of a faff, lots of pockets and straps. I think the chunky foam on the back actually works against it in terms of comfort too, but that could just be me.

I was also looking at the Pod X-Pod for indestructable (if heavy) simplicity, but the Berghaus that Martin mentions is ludicrously light and perhaps even simpler still. Not many places stock it though - I'm trying to see if Cotswolds will be getting any in to take a look at.
TobyA on 25 Oct 2013
In reply to dutybooty: Have you checked the big Berghaus one? They've had basically the same model for donkeys years and it's well respected by people who do big trips. 1.5 kgs for 80 ltrs, strippable to 1 kg seems pretty good.

They're still using a simple back system like I had on my big Cyclops Alp in the early 90s and it works really well for heavy loads.
ice.solo - on 25 Oct 2013
In reply to dutybooty:

on my second and have sneaked a peek at the 2014 model. for a very light pack it functions like a heavy duty one.

im happy with it. very strippable, tough, good features. its not perfect, but the next gen has a lot of new rethinks.
it carries very well up to about 35kg, where most packs will start to get uncomfortable. the straps are totally customable so good for extra stuff on the out side. ive strapped 2 portaledges to mine and its been bomber.
due - on 25 Oct 2013
In reply to ice.solo:

Any ideas when these will be appearing? I thought the new Rab packs might mean an even smaller Pod line, but apparently Pod have been sold on again now
ice.solo - on 25 Oct 2013
In reply to due:

'spring' apparrently (and annoyingly).

MHW is in a good pack era right now. for years they were a backwater, but are now surging ahead.
i fiddled with a cilo at 80L, and despite liking them at 50L and 35L, found the MHW to be more useful, lighter and carry weight better at 75L. being 3 times cheaper too, ive considered getting 2 and taking the scissors to one for a purely silly-light version.

one thing i like with the sth col is that tho the big dyneema pocket is questionable for many things, its sweet for shoving ice tools into. MHWs tool attachment things are already best in class in my opinion (its the most glove friendly pack ive ever found), but a big puncture proof pocket is even better.
the 2014 model diverts from that tho, but has other features to make up for it.

yes, ive spent too much time thinking about it, and when i blew out my old one i got involved in some R&D when they gave me a new model (ease of replacement from the company alone is a good reason to get one), but if youre slugging 50% body weight loads it pays to make friends with your gear.

rab packs im keen to check out. they seem a touch n go company these days, so hoping they are more touch with them.

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