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Hardonicus - on 29 Nov 2013
Ok so what mountain bike should I be getting (I am a long time roadie).

Requirements are:

Sub £1000
Mainly cross country, trails and some road so I am guessing hardtail?
Needs to fit a pannier rack + child seat - do ANY mountain bikes come with suitable lugs for this?

Cheers in advance...
Bimbler on 29 Nov 2013 - host86-131-145-49.range86-131.btcentralplus.com
In reply to Hardonicus:

I just bought a 2nd hand marin off fleabay for £45 delivered. Rides great and has all the mounts for a seat. Guess that would leave you with a budget of £950 for a proper bike!!
Hardonicus - on 29 Nov 2013
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I ain't got room for multiple bikes!
Pids - on 29 Nov 2013
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Hard tail, try the Core genesis range, not sure about sub £1K but has all the other attributes you looking for
Tricky Dicky - on 02 Dec 2013
In reply to Hardonicus:

The older mountain bikes used to have mounts for racks, but not many of the modern ones. Most child seats don't need special mounts.

Unless you are heavily loading the rack, you could use 'P' clips to fix it to most hardtail mountain bikes.

I use a 6year old specialised rockhopper, it's got mounts for a rack and is well suited to the hamax child seat. I'd look for secondhand, then save your money for the child seat, helmets (their heads grow), a double trailer (you might have another child), balance bikes, tagalong bikes, isla bikes etc, etc.
zebidee - on 02 Dec 2013
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Have a look at the websites is my advice ... you'll find that most of the sub-£1000 bikes'll likely have the right lugs for a rack. For example look at the picture of this Trek:


That said ... remember that you might need a disk compatible rack - I fitted this to SWMBO's bike for us to bike around with squawky beating her on the small of the back.

thedatastream on 02 Dec 2013
In reply to Hardonicus:
Now then H,

I've used P clips to mount my pannier rack to the commuter. Carried a car battery home on it the other day and it was fine.

If you get a bike with rear disc brakes you'll need a disc compatible rack.

I've been hearing great things about 29ers (i.e. 29" wheels instead of 26") for the lower rolling resistance and smoother ride. This might limit rack options as most 29" rear wheel racks will be for 700c road bikes and they aren't so common with disc back brakes.

I've been contemplating buying a Cube Analog 29 <a href='http://www.cube.eu/uk/bikes/mtb-hardtail/analog/analog-29-black-grey/' title='CUBE ANALOG 29 black grey'>http://www.cube.eu/uk/bikes/mtb-hardtail/analog/analog-29-black-grey/</a> but am waiting for the sales. L wants some wardrobes instead :P

Spend less and get young W a good trailer!


p.s. Velocity Cycles in Lindley stocks Cube bikes if you fancy a look.
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LastBoyScout on 02 Dec 2013
In reply to Hardonicus:

Next door neighbour bought a Cube as the highest spec bike he could find/afford that still had rack mounts - about the same budget as you, I think.
roverhead - on 02 Dec 2013
In reply to Hardonicus:

I bought a Cube last year and since then have used it at least twice a week. I have found it really reliable and a nice ride on and off road. has got the lugs for pannier/child seat. I waited for the sales to buy mine though and saved £300.
T_Mac - on 02 Dec 2013
In reply to Hardonicus:

Most sub £1000 hardtails will come with pannier mounts and therefore will be compatible with both seatpost and pannier mounted childseats.
Look for a brand that gives a lifetime warrenty on the frame as a good hardtail should last you years and the last thing you want is a problem with the frame in years to come to leave you needing to buy a new bike.
Hardonicus - on 04 Dec 2013
In reply to Hardonicus:

Lots of good info here. Thanks guys.

P-clips sound like a flexible solution, I already have a child seat I was given.
Dauphin on 04 Dec 2013
In reply to Hardonicus:

on one inbred 29er ticks all those boxes


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