/ Dual monitor problems after power cut - please help!!

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phja - on 02 Feb 2014

After much frustration I'm deferring to the wisdom of UKC...

I've got desktop pc running Windows 7 with Nvidia GTX 460 connected to an ASUS monitor (through DVI) and a Samsung HD TV (through HDMI).

All this worked fine as a dual screen setup until we had a power cut earlier today. At first it wouldn't detect the screen at all but now it has.

I've got it to detect the TV and it is showing my extended desktop. However its only giving me a resolution of 1024x768 rather than the 1920x1080 I had before. Plus its only naming it as "generic non-pnp monitor" rather than saying "Samsung TV" as it did before.

I've tried updating graphics card drivers and tried rolling back windows (with no luck as it gives me an error). I've also tried switching HDMI ports on the TV, one of which it detects but in the other port my computer picks up nothing!!

Anyone have any suggestions please??

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nniff - on 02 Feb 2014
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Switch everything off. Switch the monitors on. Start the PC again.

I have no end of trouble with monitors at work - this is the default if things won't work - often it seems to be the monitor not recognising the input from the PC that causes problems
itsThere on 02 Feb 2014
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some sort of safe mode because of the power cut
phja - on 02 Feb 2014
In reply to nniff:
Yer tried this thanks and it worked to a degree. Still saying "generic non-pnp monitor" but the resolution on the TV is 1920x1080 now, but only when on "extend the desktop", as soon as I put it on "duplicate" it goes funny and changes both my monitor and TV to 1024x768 with no way of changing it.

Also, I used to be able to send audio through the HDMI to the TV, but now that option is no longer there (through Realtek audio manager).
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