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felixizzy - on 29 Mar 2014

I've been climbing in anastasis for a while now, I had one pair for about a year and I bought a new pair 1/2 a size down (as small as I dared) from the last pair in December and they're trashed already. My foot moves in the shoe whilst the shoe stays out. It's incredibly frustrating paying a £100 for shoes that last 3 months! I know they're nutiorious for this but still. The thing is they're great before they go, they fit my foot real nice and obviously stick like glue.

So my question is... What is a comparable pair of shoes that will perform similarly but last like a pornstar?

P.s I've tried katana's and they dont fit my feet, I was maybe thinking Vapour V's...

Any reccomendations would be much appreciated.
ashley1_scott - on 30 Mar 2014
In reply to felixizzy:

you say that the anastasais fit your feet, but then go on to say that your foot moves in the shoe.
I hate to say this but if your foot moves while it is in the shoe, then the shoe doesn't fit.
As for shoe recommendation.
Are your feet narrow or wide, have you got a high arch or flat foot, have you got strong feet or in need of support, have you got mortons (second toe longer than your big toe). Without even the simplest info about your feet it would be impossible to give more than what everyone else wears as their comfortable shoes.
My two most comfortable pairs of shoes are Evolv Defy and Boldrini Apache Lights, and other than both being climbing shoes they dont have much in common.

felixizzy - on 31 Mar 2014
In reply to felixizzy:

My feet move in them because they have gone floppy. They fit my feet until this point. My feet are wide with a high arch. I suppose support wouldn't be bad. My second toe is the same length as my big toe. I'd quite like to try bouldrnis but I don't think there are any local shops that stock them.

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