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lurcheowilson - on 15 Apr 2014

Looking to buy a lightweight tent guys, need some advice as to whether to get a 2 man or 1 man. Would usually be just me staying in the tent but it has occurred to me that a 2 man would be a lot comfier. Would having that extra space really be worth the extra weight and extra cost? Any help would be much appreciated.
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EvanDavies - on 15 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

I usually prefer a 1 man if I'm going solo as I generally find they have more porch space which I find useful. I can normally fit most of the things I need inside the tent around the edge of my sleeping mat or by my feet anyway.
Any specific tents you're looking at?
splat2million on 15 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

I've got a Vango Banshee 200. Theoretically a 2 man tent and is just about ok with 2 people and 2 small rucksacks, but is much more comfy with 1. It doesn't weigh much (if anything) more than many 1-person tents (it is slightly over 2kg I think), and I think the extra space is worth it - particularly so nothing has to rest against the sides and let water in if its pouring with rain.
Of course if you were doing something epic where every gram counts that might change things, but for general UK use it's ideal.
needvert on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

Could get a 1-2 man size tent like a Hilleberg Unna (though marketed as a solo tent).

Though, how light is light? You said tent...Would a floorless shelter do? Would single wall do? What's it for?

If single wall floorless is good then there's some interesting definitely lightweight stuff happening in the cuben fibre space.
keepguessing - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

Get an ultra light square flat tarp they are less than half the price of normal 3 season tents and and will cost about the same as 4, 4 season tents not to mention how it's extraordinarily light so u can get a comfortable 2 person tarp with out being encumbered by the weight of a proper tent. i would recommend the mountain laurel designs "super tarp".
Sean_J - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

Check out the Wild Country Zephyros tents - come in 1 or 2 man flavours (well, 1.5 man) and in regular or lightweight versions. Very good value for money. Or if you want to splash the cash, a Terra Nova Laser or similar.
Bob on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

I've the Terra Nova Laser comp - http://www.terra-nova.co.uk/tents-and-spares/all-tents/laser-competition-1-tent/ . It weighs less than a Kilogramme. It's comfy for one but have used it for two - you have to sleep top to tail. Downsides: it's very small; cooking under shelter is not easy.

Next tent up in my collection is a Vango Spirit 200+ http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/tents/p/Vango-Spirit-200+/873 which I think has been discontinued. A bit heavier at 3Kg but definitely room for two and it has a big porch so you can cook inside with no problem.

Like others have said, if you want to go really light then a tarp is probably the way to go. Depends on where you are heading etc.
cb294 - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

Depends. Far north, or any other place where you can expect to be tent bound for a couple of days due to weather, I would not consider anything but a light two man tent.

Warm climates, a one man tent, or even a tarp tent / moskito net combination supported by a trekking pole or branch might be better.

AndrewHuddart - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2.

1.2kg, proper 2 man size, decent porch to cook in and pretty strong 3 season design.

Not a common brand over here but I'm a big fan.
TMM on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

If you conclude that you would like generously sized, high quality 1 man tent from a top manufacturer then you might be interested in the Hilleberg Akto I have sat in a cupboard at home. It is in MINT condition having only been used for two nights. Sadly the joys of a young family mean that nights away are now unbelievably rare. It seems like a total waste to have such a high quality tent sat about doing nothing.

Drop me a line if you're interested and I will send you some photos. It is the current version in green.
Clint86 - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to TMM:

Can second recommendation for Hilleberg Atko. Me and wife have just cycled toured in Scotland sharing one. Tight for two, but ok. Can carefully cook inside in rain. Pitches remarkaby easily, and copes well with wind/rain. We did get some sun of course as well. Lightweight. Use it by myself for Munroing and light for one to carry. Small space warms up quickly.
lurcheowilson - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

Thanks for such a great response! I would generally be using it for 1-3 day trips in scotland/wales but will also need it for a trip to the pyrenees in the summer. I had considered the Akto, but also the hilleberg nammatj 2...the tunnel shape appears to be very efficient
TMM on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

The Nammatj range are great. As a lighter version consider the Kaitum which I think is a bit of an unsung hero as the Nallo gets the lightweight vote whilst the Nammatj get the plaudits at the beefy end of the scale.

Take your time with your choice and make sure you choose the right partner. A good tent is wonderful thing!
TMM on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

Probably a bit too heavy but if you do decide that a 2 man option is better I would have a look at the Hilleberg Allak. It has the same floor area as the Nammatj but a greater volume with increased head height. You also get two porches with greater combined porch space. Shame about the weight though!
CharlieMack - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

I'm also looking at the same thing. I've got a Mountain hardwear stilleto 1 man which is about 1.5kg, and is an amazing 1 man tent. However looking at doing more trips with the misses and found the new MSR Elixir which is fairly cheap (£160) and around 2kg. (1.6kg for outer and footprint, or upto 2.5kg with all the stuff sacs and spares).
Looks like a well thought through design too.

Wondering if anyone has seen one in the flesh. Or thinks it's overpriced/ get something similar for cheaper.
DaveGoesClimbing - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

I bought a Coleman Novae X2 a couple of years ago and it's been great. I really struggled to find something that was lightweight and still had enough room for 1 or even 2 packs in the porch. It's not crazy expensive either.
MFB - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to sebflynn:

have you used one?
Pedro50 on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to AndrewHuddart:

> Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2.

Yes another vote for this. Quick to erect, OK for 2, dead comfy for one, has done C2C, Irish cycle touring and numerous one night late pitches.

smithtom82 - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to lurcheowilson:

If you are interested, I have a terra nova laser competition I'm thinking of selling. Drop me an email.

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