/ A four day trip to wonderful Snowdonia

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goatee - on 08 May 2014
I had a great few days in Snowdonia last weekend. Here is a link to my account in my blog. I hope you enjoy, Stephen http://howlingmist.blogspot.ie/2014/05/four-very-different-days-in-snowdonia.html
Jim C - on 09 May 2014
In reply to goatee:
Another area I have still to go into. As ever, your blogs are a handy reference, for routes as well as accommodation, (Bryn Tyrch Farm, and Tyddyn Bach bunk huts are noted. ) Good to see you had better weather than when you visited the West of Scotland !

We had been looking at options for a long weekend trip- for a bunch of old blokes- to explore in September, but whilst it looks like Rum ( or Jura) this year, Snowdonia is ,as yet , still on 'the to do list' but, Scottish Islands are easier for us to pick off, for now.

Mike Peacock on 09 May 2014
In reply to goatee:

Looks a great trip. You mentioned "the summit above Llethr Gwyn at 678 meters". It's not all that obvious on the map but it's Creigiau Gleision. It's a lovely quiet part of Snowdonia and, as you say, there is some pleasant enough scrambling round those parts.

Also, extra points for setting off over The Horns on the Snowdon Horseshoe. It's a lovely ridge (and technically the "true" start to the horseshoe), and yet relatively unwalked.
goatee - on 09 May 2014
In reply to Jim C:

Hey Jim, thanks for the good words. You are indeed spoiled with the wonderful choices you have relatively nearby. I might well give Scotland another visit later on. Definitely Snowdonia is well worth a visit. Its amazing how different each region is. And thanks Mike, it is indeed my favorite way to start the route. Strange that is is so quiet but all the better for it.
redsonja - on 10 May 2014
In reply to goatee:

fantastic write up and pics- thank you for posting them

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