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Toerag - on 20 May 2014
Can anyone recommend good walking maps for Kandersteg? Who makes them, OAV? Kompass? I'll be spending a week there with my scouts in July and they'll be doing an overnight expedition.
drobin - on 20 May 2014
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I assume you're staying at KISC? If so the reception are great for recommending routes for walks, and you can borrow maps from them, when i get home i can tell you who makes the map i have.

Afraid i cant give you much on good routes to do, even having worked there for 2 months, but i know alot of groups do the walk across to 'our chalet' and back over two days. Or for a day walk, up to the Frundenhutte or Doldenhutte are very nice.

Very jealous you're going, after working doing their snow and ice activities last summer, i miss kandersteg so much
Toerag - on 21 May 2014
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Yeah, staying at KISC. Which is 'your' chalet?
kestrelspl on 21 May 2014
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The walk to the Bluemlisalphutte is also a good overnight trip to do with older/more experienced explorers.
rlrs on 21 May 2014
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You can see *the* map of Switzerland online in these two places, the first probably more useful:



But as far as I can tell, you can only zoom in to the scale given in 1:50000 paper map equivalent, with a contour interval of 20m, but you can buy paper maps (or electronic) with a 1:25000 scale and 10m contour interval.
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9fingerjon - on 21 May 2014
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This website is pretty hand for maps - http://map.wanderland.ch/?lang=en&route=all&layer=wanderwegnetz and planning routes online in Switzerland.

Otherwise Kandersteg makes a 1:25000 map centered on the village which is the most useful one for hiking here. You can buy or borrow one from KISC reception.

For ideas on hikes, just drop by reception at KISC or give us a call with an idea on age, experience, etc and we can give you a few ideas. Remember to factor in a few easy hikes at the start to get used to the altitude and hiking in the alps in general. Or have a read through some of our unguided hike routes - http://www.kisc.ch/programme/summer/unguided-hikes/

Personal favourites would be Hohturli (goes past Blumlisalph├╝tte) for a trickier one, and Gasterntal for a more gentle hike.

Jon Morgan
Kandersteg International Scout Centre
9fingerjon - on 21 May 2014
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By the way, drobin is refering to Our Chalet - the Girl guides world centre just over the mountain in Adelboden

(hey drobin, hope you're well )
Toerag - on 22 May 2014
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Brilliant stuff all! Jon, I'll be getting in touch to pick your brain a bit more
9fingerjon - on 22 May 2014
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No worries
Toerag - on 23 May 2014
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Have messaged you
Matt Amos - on 23 May 2014
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Have a look at swisstopo maps. There not to cheap but they're top quality and contains hiking trails and lots of good things.
Paul Everett - on 28 May 2014
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Swisstopo and Swissmobile are good to look at and if you pay around 30 francs per year you can put in way points and the map will draw the route for you and calculate time height gain/loss and distance . Alternatively look at mapgeo.admin.ch where you can download any area of Switzerland free ande scale down to 1:5000 if necessary and print. Only drawback is that the grid references are not shown on the printed version. You can also switch from map to satellite view. Possible walk is Kandersteg to Gemmipass via Schwarenbach hotel but then you need train tick and chairlift ticket to get back to Kandersteg

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