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mrgleb - on 23 Jun 2014
I am looking to buy a second rope for multi-pitch trad climbing. I have been climbing for about a year now and have finally decided I've had enough of horrible rope drag.I have an Edelrid rope but can't recall which one, It does seem handle well. I was thinking of buying the Edelrid Python 10mm, 50m rope ,Cotswolds have one on offer for £75, are they any good ? Advice appreciated.
SteveoS - on 23 Jun 2014
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Have you thought of buying extendable quickdraws?

They weigh less than dragging up a second 10mm.
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David Staples - on 25 Jun 2014
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I agree with StevoS. Get some longer draws, plus you could also get 2 or 3 60cm slings and a couple of snap-gate carabiners and use these as runners (Super-log quick-draws). This would reduce rope drag well.

I would get a rope after, longer draws and runners are more useful when trad climbing than a new rope.

If you do want a new rope go for half ropes for trad climbing. A 10mm 50m is best suited for Sport or indoor climbing where as 2 8.5mm skinny 60m ropes would feel much better for trad.
mrgleb - on 25 Jun 2014
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Thank you for the advice.When I bought my first rope it was just to do some top-end scrambling but this has lead to full-on climbing ! I try to extend as much as possible but some routes have such big changes of direction that drag seems un-avoidable with one rope. Is it good practice to use both a thin and thicker rope ? or will this cause problems. I belay with a DMM Bug.
Merlin - on 26 Jun 2014
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Buy a half rope to accompany your single, then when you can afford it buy a second half rope. Climbing long pitches on two single ropes will feel like doing power squats every time you clip them into quickdraws.

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