/ FOR SALE Sony FDR-AX53 4k Handycam.

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The Lemming - on 16 Nov 2016

What can I say, I’m a gear whore who buys toys on a whim.

For sale Sony FDR-AX53. Open to a sensible offer. I'm not after an auction, just a sensible offer and its yours. I paid over £800 for the camcorder plus extras and I don't expect anything like that. I am a realist.

This particular toy was bought in April 2016 from Jessops to help document a project at work where some mates were planning a charity walk in aid of Mind The Blue Light Programme’.

The camcorder is still under warranty.

Its a superb 4K camcorder with awesome image stabilisation while hand held. Its mesmerising watching the little gimbal within the camcorder keeping the lens steady. Its just that I’ve now bought a digital camera to replace both my dSLR and camcorder. Most importantly Little Miss Lemming thinks I have too many toys.

The camcorder comes with extras worth around £60:

HOYA UV filter connected to camcorder the second it came out the box, ensuring no dust got in the lens mecanism.
HOYA PRO1 Circular Polarising filter.
Extra battery third party 5,700mAh (The supplied Sony battery is 1960mAh)

All packaging in mint condition. The display is scratch free and I can not see any discernible scratches on the body work.

However I have removed the door which covers the hot-shoe plate on the top of the camcorder. This got in the way when I attached a Rode microphone. I’m not selling the microphone as it produces fabulous sound quality.

Please make me a sensible offer, and its yours.

You are more than welcome to see some videos created on my YouTube channel to see the quality.

Here are a few more vids to show the quality off



The Lemming - on 28 Nov 2016
In reply to The Lemming:

Sorry chaps,

I have now put my camera up on ebay.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my premier post.

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