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Extrem Micro Down Jacket, 4 kbNew for winter 2016, the Berghaus Extrem Micro Down is versatile and lightweight jacket for extended adventures in the mountains.  It features a tough and weather resistant Pertex Quantum face fabric and body-mapped goose Berghaus Hydrodown, with a PFC-free Nikwax treatment, allowing the down to continue performing for at least 16 hours even when it gets wet. The advanced Berghaus body-mapping ensures the correct balance of warmth is distributed exactly where it's needed.  The down is also RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified, guaranteeing ethical sourcing.

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angry pirate - on 28 Nov 2016
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

Looks lovely but it seems impossible to do a like for like comparison between Berghaus kit and competing products as Berghaus always seem to miss vital information from their product description. What about fill weight? Down loft?

Berghaus have just released a belay jacket but put no info on about the amount of fill in it.
So frustrating!
In reply to angry pirate:

I'll see if I can find out for you tomorrow, sure they'd be able/happy to answer a set of questions - I'd be interested to know too.
captain paranoia - on 28 Nov 2016
In reply to angry pirate:

Even Decathlon manage to specify the fill weight of their down jackets, on the garment label. And it takes account of size... No fill power rating, though. Or, as I have seen used on certain Chinese vending sites, the 'fluffy force'...
JayPee630 - on 28 Nov 2016
In reply to captain paranoia:

Yeah they're terrible for it, and their website is shockingly bad generally, and including for info on products.
captain paranoia - on 28 Nov 2016
In reply to JayPee630:

I'm pretty sure I've complained about lack of detail about synthetic fill weights before. It smacks of complete ineptitude/understanding of their target market. As if their advertising department think only about superficial things like colour.
angry pirate - on 28 Nov 2016
In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

As Captain Paranoia says, it does seem like they don't understand their target market. Facts and figures give us plenty to argue about.
I'm not sure a waxy moustachioed hipster is the ideal model for mountain gear either. The only time my facial hair has been that stiff is due to shot, ice or both ;)
Berghaus - on 02 Dec 2016
In reply to angry pirate:

Thanks for the feedback. We will take those points on board about the availability of technical information and aim to make it more accessible and visible in the future.

In the meantime, here’s some additional information about the two products mentioned in this thread.

The insulation is 140g of 90/10 700 fill goose Hydrodown. The down has been body-mapped to ensure that the correct balance of warmth is located exactly where it is needed (thermal imaging cameras were used during the development and testing process to make sure we got the body-mapping right).

The face fabric is PERTEX QUANTUM CS10 (37g/m2).

The insulation is body-mapped synthetic Hydroloft Elite Pro, with 200g in the body and 170g in the arms and hood.

There are two face fabrics: PERTEX Endurance 20d (43g/m2) in the main body, blocked with PERTEX Endurance 40d (57g/m2) in key wear areas across the shoulder, arms and hood.

We hope that helps.
rogerwebb - on 02 Dec 2016
In reply to Berghaus:

What is the inside material and how water resistant is it?

angry pirate - on 02 Dec 2016
In reply to Berghaus:

Thank you for the reply.
Crikey! 200 /170 gsm is beefy. I guessed it would be burly when I saw the jacket weight. Nice to see a proper heavyweight belay jacket. I think Santa may get a nudge

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