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Matt Smith - on 06 Jan 2017
Hi everyone,
I'm heading out to Tenerife next week for the first time and I've heard that a large majority of the routes out there will probably be too hard for me, I can climb 6b on a good day, but would prefer some routes in the 4s and 5s to warm up on. My girlfriend would also probably prefer things in the lower grades too.

I have been in contact with roxtar who do some great downloadable topos for different areas so have a bit of information already, but it would be great to hear from any of you who has been out there. Would prefer crags with a number of lower grade routes (if these crags exist) rather than just 1 or 2 routes or low grade stuff.

Should probably say I haven't got the guidebook yet, going to wait and get it out there.

Any help much appreciated.


NaCl - on 06 Jan 2017
In reply to Matt Smith:
This is what you want: Arico - Borrador de Tamadaya. although there are plenty of others. Tbh most of the crags have at least some pretty easy routes so I think you'll be fine

You could get a print out of the routes for the above crag from the shop in Arico village itself (or at least you could last year) and should prob be able to buy the guide as I believe its back in print. Nice guys who work there/own it are really helpful and able to give you more than a few tips on wheres best to go for the appropriate grades.

No, before anyone asks I don't work for them but was thoroughly impressed with the shop last year.

Edit: http://www.roxtar.es/index.htm
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max_chan - on 06 Jan 2017
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Like NaCI said...
BrendanO - on 06 Jan 2017
In reply to Matt Smith:

They've daid it all - there is quite a lot of easy stuff, we've been 3 or 4 times with very mixed group, can find lots of 5-6c, and choice of dun or shade. Arico upper seems obvious place to start, then talk to the shop. School called domething like ocho climbing have useful downloads of newer venues, all within few miles of Arico gorge.

Great place.
Snoweider - on 07 Jan 2017
In reply to Matt Smith:

At least a day of fun in the crater too- but you'll need some basic trad gear to make the most of it.
Matt Smith - on 09 Jan 2017
In reply to Matt Smith:

Thanks for all your replies, just had a look at Arico Borrador.... and it looks like that'll be our first crag of the trip before moving onto harder stuff.

Definitely going to be doing some trad out there as well.



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