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Mark Edwards - on 06 Jan 2017
Hi. Am requesting help from the UKC Collective.
I have just acquired a new car. Have changed my insurance to the new vehicle but have hit a problem trying to tax it (multiple times) – getting the message from THE DVLA website- Vehicle details could not be found. WTF???
Yes I have the new keepers supplement ( I have the complete V5C – but it’s not in my name)
The error I am hitting is:
“Sorry, your vehicle registration mark or reference number has not been recognised. This means you cannot proceed with your Tax application.
This may be because:
> You may have entered the details incorrectly - please try again.
> The 16 digit reference number on your V11 reminder from ???(WTF, CANT THEY EVEN GET THE SPELLING OF ‘FORM’ RIGHT)??? is valid from the 5th of the month in which your current vehicle tax expires until the end of the following month.
If you are trying to use this service after this period, then please use your latest V5C Registration Certificate (Log Book) online (WHERE?) or at a Post Office branch that deals with vehicle tax.”

OK, so today is the 6th of Jan. Does this mean I don’t have to worry about it until Feb?
marsbar - on 06 Jan 2017
In reply to Mark Edwards:

Just to check it's not a dodgy website you are on? Probably not but the spelling mistake made me wonder.

Also check you haven't muddled up letter o and number 0
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Mark Edwards - on 06 Jan 2017
In reply to marsbar:
Thanks, but I have to regularly use the HMRC website, so always check the address. The address isn’t the problem.
Yep, been caught out with the O and 0 before, it ain’t that.

Richard Wilson - on 06 Jan 2017
In reply to Mark Edwards:

Have you tried to check the cars mot & tax status online?

Alasdair Fulton - on 06 Jan 2017
In reply to Mark Edwards:

When you say "acquired" have you actually bought it, or been given it? Could there be something fishy? Have you checked the MOT & Insurance databases?

Mark Edwards - on 06 Jan 2017
Thanks people. But it doesn’t seem to help.

Richard – Just had it MOT’d, so all good there. Tax status? Not relevant under the new rules (as I understand them). New owner – new Tax.

Alasdair – Bought off my cousin (who used it for business purposes before being tempted to emigrate to UAE, in a rush (it’s complicated)). The old MOT expired in March 2017 but just had one done to check its state before giving up my old car. If my cousin still has insurance on it (possible under the circumstances of his new job) would that stop me taking out VED in my name?
Pedro50 on 06 Jan 2017
In reply to Mark Edwards:

Make sure that you keep your hands visible on the steering wheel when stopped by the police
marsbar - on 06 Jan 2017
In reply to Mark Edwards:

Oh well, worth a try.
Hope you get it sorted.
Climbing Pieman on 06 Jan 2017
In reply to Mark Edwards:
I'm not clear what details you are using online. Are you using the 12 or 16 digit reference number? Should be the former in your case, as the latter would be invalidated when the sale was notified (they are apparently allocated and the paperwork is actually printed 3 months in advance so could still have been issued even after a sale to you).

If you using the 12 digit ref, suggest you phone DVLA direct. You can tax as a new keeper over the phone - you said you had the new keeper part.
steve taylor - on 07 Jan 2017
In reply to Mark Edwards:

Give them a ring Mark. I had a similar issue yesterday trying to tax my brother in law's old car online. The chap on the phone sorted it out in a couple of minutes. Seems like their website isn't infallible (we were trying to tax it using the document reference number on the little green bit of the V5)

gethin_allen on 07 Jan 2017
In reply to Mark Edwards:

You can process all the buying/selling of a car on the .gov website removing the need to send off the bits of paper. I found this really good and reassuring when buying a second hand car recently as all the paperwork was done there and then as we exchanged the cash. Doing this may help get things straight with the DVLA.
Mark Edwards - on 07 Jan 2017
Tried phoning a few times but each time got the message “…. we are very busy. Goodbye”. So a trip to the Post Office it was. Wasn’t expecting much, no cover note (yet) and a broken printer.
They even took care of the change of ownership form so saving me a stamp.
Who knew you didn’t need to forge your own cover note anymore?
So all sorted.
Thanks people.

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