/ THE CUTTINGS, PORTLAND scrub clearing Saturday

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Marti999 - on 09 Jan 2017
The Cuttings
Call for help! since the last clearing about 10 years ago The Cuttings has been getting choked up with bushes and brambles.
This Saturday 14th January please come and help clear away the base of the crag and restore the access to the whole cliff.
This has been approved by The BMC, Natural England and the land owner.
Please come ready for some bush whacking at 10 o/c Saturday at the Cuttings and make yourselves aware to Me or Neal Heans.
Wear old clothes and if you have gardening gloves, that would help. Tools and gloves will be available too.
Spread the word lets get a big group and get it done!

Cheers Marti Hallett
sam.sam.sam.ferguson - on 09 Jan 2017
In reply to Marti999:
Will be there with a crew! Be nice to be able to climb without snagging my clothes on everything!
Helen Heanes - on 14 Jan 2017
In reply to Marti999:

A big thank you to everyone who turned up today. Well done and thank you. We have all done a fantastic job and what a difference it has made!
When we got home we counted the number of people who had signed in; in total there was just short of 100 people.
Absolutely amazing. Thank you again

Best wishes Neal Marti and Helen

Mick Ward - on 15 Jan 2017
In reply to Helen Heanes:

Hi Helen,

Agree, I'm sure the whole event surpassed anybody's expectations - fantastic turnout and we seem to have achieved a huge amount.

Many thanks to Neal, Marti and yourself and Debbie and the lady who managed the tea/coffee urn so splendidly and lots of other people, I'm sure, who just quietly contributed to the organisation to make it all happen so smoothly.

A great day!

La benya - on 16 Jan 2017
In reply to Helen Heanes:

That's an amazing turnout! Well done everyone involved and to Marti and the other organisers.

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