/ Advice for a Scafell via lords rake in March

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jafferton91 - on 09 Jan 2017
I am looking at going up Lords Rake as part of a route I am planning on doing in march and would like to know more about the west wall traverse and ascending deep gill as it seems to be a climbing route in the winter? Basically what the best walking route is as we won't have climbing gear (only winter walking gear crampons/axe etc.). I have been looking at the video below but some of it seems missing at the end otherwise the route looks perfect for what I'm planning. Thanks in advance.

no_more_scotch_eggs - on 09 Jan 2017
In reply to jafferton91:

not done it but got my eye on it as an interesting way up scafell. It gets a climbing grade (I) on here

West Wall Traverse (I)

but it looks mostly like walking in exposed positions from the photos. If the soft powder in the picture was hard neve though it could well be worth the grade.

lakes being the lakes though, whether there is neve, powder, or any snow at all by march is impossible to say! Could be a loose muddy scramble up the bed of the gully in the rain...
Dave Kerr - on 09 Jan 2017
In reply to jafferton91:

Is Lords Rake not in the process of falling down?

jafferton91 - on 09 Jan 2017
In reply to Dave Kerr:

I believe back along there was a rockfall and it was advised to avoid the rake however those warnings have since been removed and what was formerly the chok stone has now broken up which was in that link. Probably for the best, I wouldn't want to be the poor soul coming up the rake at the time of the chok stone's descent!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.