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Scarpa Phantom Tech, 4 kbThe Scarpa Phantom Tech is the ultimate mountaineering boot and is ideal for all modern alpinism, especially ice fall, mixed and winter mountaineering. Equally at home on the North Face of Ben Nevis and on the routes at White Goods the Phantom Tech is 20% lighter than a traditional leather mountaineering boot and this weight saving is perfect for climbing steep ice and mixed pitches. 

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PPP - on 11 Jan 2017
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

How come OutDry is getting so popular? I know Mountain Hardwear has been using it for a while now, as well as Columbia - but both are owned by the same corporation. I am sure I've seen some other companies using OutDry, too.

I wonder how does OutDry actually compare to similar technologies...
Pipecleaner - on 11 Jan 2017
In reply to PPP:
As far as I've used outdry footwear it seems to last a lot longer than gore text and similar membranes. I'm mostly a fell runner and tend to jog down hills even in boots. Goretex lined boots seldom seem to stay watertight for long...I suspect running in them doesn't help.
I've had a couple of pairs of Columbia trainers in outdry and they've remained waterproof far longer...perhaps the allegedly more robust membrane or the fact that it's bonded to the underside to the outer makes it less prone to creasing or wear or puncturing?
I've just got a pair if charmoz outdry purely for the membrane!
My scarpa rebel gtx and manta pro both leaked within 6 weeks or so.
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Bluebird - on 12 Jan 2017
In reply to PPP:

I bought the Scarpa Marmolada when they first came out the other year.. found the outdry fantastic. Use the boots a lot in the usual UK wet weather and they've yet to wet out. Similarly, a pair of MH outdry gloves (forget which model) and they to have never wet out (which is saying something).

I'm a huge fan of outdry and pleased to see more kit being offered with it. Might even try one of those Columbia jackets for a laugh.
Pipecleaner - on 12 Jan 2017
In reply to Bluebird:

Yes I'm really keen to see how the outdry jackets come on in the future...apparently the Gore one version is super delicate but the outdry seems reasonably tough. I still expect to sweat more than it can breathe tho...but outdry stuff does work/lasts better for me.
Goretex and others seem to work ok in jackets re: durability but shoes and trousers fall to bits on me. I'm yet to get more than 3 months out of a pair of membranes trousers/salopettes before the crotch leaks...might be from a lot of creasing when jogging down hills! I'd be keen to see what outdry trousers can withstand.

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