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cha1n on 11 Jan 2017
Anyone managed to get a pad with dimension over their standard requirements of l+w+h=158cm specified as sporting equipment? I'm going to call tomorrow to get confirmation but is annoying if not as the oversized baggage would add 600 euros onto the flight and make it too expensive, which is pretty annoying when they allow surf boards up to 300cm on as sporting equipment...
Graeme Alderson on 12 Jan 2017
In reply to cha1n:

I once took a big pad (Flashed Ronin) to Font on Air France. No problems going out but coming back they charged me something like 90 Euros. They had me by the short and curlies. The pad cost around £250. If they had tried to charge me on the way out I would have just put the pad back in the car and rented a pad in Font.

When I said they let me on in Manchester without charging I was told this was a mistake. So beware, they might sting you coming home!
Aly - on 12 Jan 2017
In reply to cha1n:

Tell them it's a surfboard?!?
alx - on 12 Jan 2017
In reply to cha1n:

Don't fly to Rocklands with KLM. Go BA from LHR, we fly direct and take two moon saturns strapped together and an extra warrior all part of our standard luggage allowance.

Hamfunk - on 13 Jan 2017
In reply to cha1n:

Have taken pads to Font with AF several times and never had an issue leaving the UK but most times on the return we get some hassle in CDG, that said we have never had to pay. If asked, it is a padded suitcase and very light even if it exceeds the dimensions. We have managed to plead out way out of the oversized baggage charge on every occasion. Your mileage may vary.

Where are you headed?
cha1n on 13 Jan 2017
In reply to cha1n:

After talks with KLM they weren't able to allow anything exceeding their dimensions that weren't mentioned in their sports equipment section (without a huge oversize fee of 600 euros total).

Ended up booking flights with SAA from Heathrow (and a brief stop in Johanisberg) to Cape Town. SAA have bouldering mats listed as sports equipment (up to 200cm total for l+w+h), and one item of sports equipment is free in addition to a checked bag.

I'm going to take both my pads (one of which exceeds the 158cm dimensions by 20cm) and if they don't allow it then I'll stash it in my car in airport parking. Gotta be worth a try.
alx - on 13 Jan 2017
In reply to cha1n:

You can always rent/borrow mats off Becky in the Hen House on Alpha farms if you are short.

Most problems are easily covered with one big mat and spotter, the landings tend to be flat and really good. The taller problems that require more mats tend to require lots of mats (black mango, pinotage, splash of red) but plenty of people tend to team up for these.

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