/ MIA Trainee - Free Instruction

IanD353 on 07 Aug 2017

I'm A Mountaineering Instructor Award Trainee looking to take people climbing and scrambling in North Wales.

I can offer sessions to suit your experience and aspirations, catering for complete beginners to those wanting to progress their climbing/scrambling.

If you are interested in some free instruction please contact me on ian_darley@hotmail.com

Please note -
As an MIA trainee I do not, as yet, hold the Mountaineering Instructor Award, which is the recognised qualification for the instruction of scrambling and multi-pitch rock climbing in the UK. I have undergone the training, but for an award does not constitute a qualification.

Insurance - I do not hold insurance that allows me to receive payment or benefits in kind for instruction, but as a volunteer with membership of a mountaineering council of the UK or Eire, I am insured for 3rd party liability. These topics will be discussed in detail and agreed before an activity is conducted.
crawfy_16 on 09 Aug 2017
In reply to IanD353:

I'd love to take up your offer if you are free next week? I am in Snowdonia from Monday to Thursday if any of those days suit?

I am just getting into trad leading. I'm fairly competent at sport climbing and have just done a week of trad with Glenmore lodge in Scotland.

Let me know if you are free and willing to take me out.
IanD353 on 10 Aug 2017
In reply to crawfy_16:

Have emailed you.
GazEd83 on 17 Aug 2017
In reply to IanD353:

Hi Ian,

I would be interested. I'm tied up for the next two weekends, but I am free all weekends in September?


bonebag - on 18 Aug 2017
In reply to IanD353:

Hi Ian, just tried to e mail but my message box says e mail not found.
IanD353 on 19:06 Sat
In reply to GazEd83:

Hi Gareth,
Have just emailed you. The only full weekend I have in September is 9th/10th. Email me back if this works for you.
Blurryeye on 00:51 Mon
In reply to IanD353:

Hi Ian,
I am free to get out most of September except the weekend of the 16th, would like to learn to lead scrambling and climbing routes or just get out and do a few multi pitches. I've sent you an email. Let me know, thanks.

IanD353 on 21:22 Mon
In reply to Blurryeye:

Hi Sav,
Have just emailed you. I'm fully booked in September but can do most weekends in October.
steve gandy - on 19:19 Tue
In reply to IanD353:


I'm off up to Snowdonia from Thursday evening to Monday evening, staying in club hut in Capel.

I've a good amount of experience but an injury from a car accident means that I haven't climbed since last October.

If, after the weekend, I think I'm back to fitness then I'm off to the the Alps on the 1st. Practice on moving together would be great. I've always had a Brit's preference for pitching it and so scrambling would be good for me...

I've acted as trainee / belayer / casualty for friends doing MIA prep and so I know the score.


PCD - on 06:40 Wed
In reply to IanD353:

Hi Ian
My multi pitch needs attention but if you fancy a more relaxed day with another professional, I am an IML.
Free end of next week after bank holiday flying back to the alps the friday morning
around in Sept/Oct after that
IanD353 on 19:57 Wed
In reply to steve gandy:

Hi Steve,
Would be great to meet up but unfortunately I'm not going to be in North Wales this weekend. Perhaps we can arrange something when you get back from the alps.