/ Weather in leonidio December?

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seamus987 - on 14 Nov 2017
Hi there,

Looking at booking a trip to leonidio in December, has anyone been this time of year and is it quite reliable and stable? Or not.

Thank you
Dave Musgrove - on 18 Nov 2017
In reply to seamus987:

Most of the cliffs face south so you should have plenty of dry rock. It was still very hot when I was there last week and we were told by locals that good conditions could be had right through the winter. We were assured that it was not common to get prolonged wet weather and that rain usually came in heavy storms which passed through quickly.
Days will be short though so don't forget your head torch for coming down in the dark!
Simon Caldwell - on 11:12 Mon
In reply to Dave Musgrove:

apparently it rained every day last week...
AlanLittle - on 11:24 Mon
In reply to Simon Caldwell:

Yeah, I just heard that too from a friend who's there at the moment.
ebdon - on 13:08 Mon
In reply to AlanLittle:

Just got back and it rained heavily every day! However I understand this was pretty unusual and this week looks lovely.
Lots of caves though so we still climbed everyday

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