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ypy on 22 Jul 2011 -
Just a heads up to anyone considering going to AWCC Stockport over the next few days.

I went in last night to find that almost half of the main leading area had been closed off for walls to be repainted with some sponsorship logos. Being a weekday evening it was relatively busy. Having gotten bored of waiting around for lines for a large proportion of my evening I decided to go to bouldering room which to my surprise was also half shut due to painting. Those parts of the wall which had recently been painted were extremely sparse with poorly set problems which were no doubt put up as a stop gap effort.

I was not amused by the fact none of us were informed by the staff when we paid at the desk, despite waiting for quite a while. Generally it is not a problem if you decide to do work to your wall, but if you do do so please tell your customers before we pay full price to find half the wall is closed, so we can decide whether we want go somewhere else or not.
JayK - on 22 Jul 2011
In reply to ypy:

Surely if you had made your views clear at reception they would have reimbursed you with a free next visit after the work had finished?
Neil Henson - on 22 Jul 2011
In reply to ypy: I have fallen foul of this before too (at a different wall). I agree the provider should make it clear before you pay that some of the wall is unavailable. Not really fair to take your money without giving you the facts.
In reply to ypy:

Sorry about your experience at Awesome Walls, Stockport on Friday. Please PM me for a refund.

Just to put the record straight about 'almost half the wall closed'-

8 Lines out of a possible 76 are out of action at the moment.

20% of the bouldering area is closed due to re-painting.

The 'stop-gap' problems were put up by Ian Vickers and Jamie Cassidy (I think, will check).

Most route setting and wall closures are displayed on the notice board just you pay at reception and on here-

You can receive notifications via our Blog, Facebook or Twitter.

All areas should be fully open by mid week.

We don't always get it spot on but we do try.

Dave Douglas
Managing Director
Awesome Walls Climbing Centres Ltd
SteveOc - on 24 Jul 2011
In reply to D Douglas: Stockport/Liverpool:

Hi Dave, good response as always. I've always been informed of the painting over the last few weeks and it's only been a few lines roped off.

As an aside, any chance of getting a Beastamker up at Stockport?! That resin one is killing my skin.

You know it makes sense.
highclimber - on 24 Jul 2011
In reply to ypy: I don't see the need to post something like this here? if you have an issue with a service you pay for, regardless of the nature of business, you mention it to the management. don't come to a public forum and complain with half truths and conjecture.

ypy on 26 Jul 2011 - []
The original post was purely meant as a heads up for all those considering AWCC over the next few days. It was not meant to come across as a rant and my apologies if it did.

Thank you for your kind offer Dave and a refund is not necessary. I would just appreciate it if the staff would let me know when part of the wall is closed. I have climbed at Stockport with some regularity, but was not informed of any closures as SteveOc had been.

In respect of the roped area, if it was only 8 lines closed off then I must have been mistaken and I do apologise. As someone who tends not to use any of the top rope lines, seeing one of the main lead walls closed it off would have instantly appeared to me as if a large section of the centre was closed off.

In terms of the bouldering, when areas have been finished please put up more problems than those that are currently there.

I wasn't aware there was a notice board, but will look out for it in the future.

My dissatisfaction was caused by the fact that parts of both the lead and bouldering wall had been closed at the same time and that the staff failed to inform any of us. However I do thank you for the reply above Dave and I hope that our feedback will be taken on board.
In reply to ypy:

Hi ypy

All points taken on board with no offence taken.

All lead walls are now back up to full strength and the bouldering wall just needs the roof section painting. More problems are to be added by Sunday with a full reset on 23rd August.

Dave Douglas
Managing Director

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