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DannyH001 on 13 Jan 2018

Wanting to get fitter and stronger ready for your summer climbing goals? I’d like to help.

I am offering free coaching sessions for the next couple of months whilst I work towards my Mountain Training Development Coach Assessment.

My name is Dan Hoyle, I am an instructor and trainee coach based in Chesterfield near the Peak District. I have been instructing outdoor activities for three years and have been regularly coaching teams in the midlands with Apex Climbing Coaching for 10 months. I currently hold the Single Pitch Award, I have a First Class Honours Degree in Outdoor Activity Leadership and Coaching from the University of Derby and have attended the BMC FUNdamentals of Climbing courses 1 & 2.

I can offer tailored sessions to all ages in a range of climbing related areas for improvement such as movement and technique, strength and power, head game and mental approach, competition practice or climbing trip preparation, to name a few.

These can be delivered to suit you in: single 2-3 hour coaching sessions for up to three people, multi-sessions over a week or two for up to two people, or personalised training plans that are for you to take away and work on in your own time for up to two people.

These can be delivered at any of the Sheffield, Derby or Nottingham climbing walls.

All I ask of you is for your honest feedback and enthusiasm.

If this is of interest to you or if you know someone who may be interested, please feel free to get in touch with me via e-mail at and I will do my best to respond to you the same day.




thepodge on 14 Jan 2018
In reply to DannyH001:

Emailed you 

SebCa - on 14 Jan 2018
In reply to DannyH001:

Hi Danny,

You're a bit far for me but I wish you the best of luck, just did Fundas 1 and will be off on 2 soon and embarking on a similar journey!

Hope everything goes well!

DannyH001 on 14 Jan 2018
In reply to SebCa:

Thanks SebCa, yeah its exciting stuff. Always learning new things about climbing which is really motivating.

All the best with your FUNdas 2, its a great course.

Maybe I'll see you around,


DannyH001 on 15 Jan 2018

Plenty of time still available for more coaching sessions


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